From the title, you’ll know that I have a crazy boss and yes, it is ‘have’ not ‘had’ which means I’m still working for him.

Everyone in my life knows about my boss. They have tried their best to persuade me to leave him for another company. In fact, I had been offered many times, a much better paying job or better prospects somewhere else.

Every time a job offer lands on my lap, I took time to seriously consider it but every single time, I turned down the offer. Before I tell you why, let me draw out a picture for you, just how crazy is my boss. 

I’ve been fresh out of college when I went to work at my sis’s old real estate agency, providing basic typing and filing paperwork. The agency’s shareholders split up and left my boss with the clients portfolios. He kept some of us and let most of the other staff go. The rumour was that the other bosses didn’t like working with him and couldn’t agree on his business ethics.

I was at the bottom and I was young, I couldn’t care less unless you stop paying my salary. The money is good, the job was just across the street from where my family lived and they didn’t care about my attire (which was mainly tee and jeans). So I don’t have to spend on transport or clothes, I saved a lot. I even saved on lunch money because I can cross the street to go home every lunchtime. 

My boss got worse in his behaviour or maybe I started to take notice, now that the ‘agency’ consist of only me, my sis, another guy in sales and him.

My boss would yell at the slightest mistake and loses his temper. He is a ‘thrower’. He throw things at random or whatever was within his reach at us. Telephones, laptops, staplers, mugs, files, you get the idea.

He even tried throwing a chair at my sis once!

He missed, of course. But that’s when my sis had enough and left her job. She ended up moving to another city for a rare job opportunity. 

Besides being a thrower and a yeller, he cursed and swear like a drunken sailor that would make any biker gang blush. He doesn’t care if he do it in front of clients. He is also extremely rude and love to put us down.

He’ll make remarks like “No wonder you’re single when you are so stupid.” or “How can someone gave birth to someone so dumb?” or “Of all the idiots in the world, I have to hire you.” 

Soon enough, my only colleague left his job. So it’s just me and my boss. By this time, he moved the business into his home because he said it makes no sense to run a two-person show on a rental premise. Although his house was further, it is just another 20 minutes walk for me. I take it as regular daily exercise for me. Because it is just me and him, my job responsibilities increased.

On top of paperwork, I now added on secretarial duties and basically a personal assistant for him. I do his books, cook his lunch (sometimes dinner too, if we need to do overtime to rush through paperwork), buy his groceries and make appointments for him. He allows me to cook my own lunch too since I cook his. 

My mother was concerned that I was spending so much time alone with my boss in his house.

Luckily, he hasn’t cross any inappropriate lines or show any interest in me other than to yell at me or put me down. My sis thinks I enjoy being a  martyr. My dad thinks I deserve something better. I think I’m lucky to have a job in this kind of economy. 

I have been with my boss for more than 10 years. Friends call me complacent while I like to think of myself as blindly loyal. I don’t see myself leaving anytime and probably you’ll still see me working for my crazy boss in the next 10 years. 

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41 replies on “Whisper: I have a Crazy Boss

  1. Wow!
    Hats off to this whisperer for surviving 10 years with a crazy boss like this and I would love to give that whisperer an standing ovation if he or she adds up 10 more years with that boss 😀

    The two managers in my workplace dept share one common habit of taunting their subordinates. I really don’t know the exact reason behind this unique common habit sharing of them but they just simply love to taunt up their subordinates out of the blue every weekday.

    May be they just trying out to be cool or be more friendly with their subordinates, I consider this act of their as crap honestly because it just don’t feel right to me. One of them once tried to cornered me during a meeting and I had no choice but to reply him accordingly.

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    1. The thing about this whisperer is that she lives in a very small town so the jobs are pretty scarce and she is a simple woman who just want a simple life. I probably said too much already but given her situation, as long as she’s happy, anything goes.

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  2. Very interesting read. Pretty crazy that you’ve gone 10 years with a boss like that. Hoping the work environment isn’t too negative!

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  3. Kally, don´t get mad after my comment.
    But it seems a bit sketchy this thing, you have a nutty boss that you cook him his meals?… don´t know what is the Dynamic there, better not now.
    Anywaaaaays!! I now have my own computer and read and learn from you people. Since the people around this town lets say I already know the drug-steal game and it does not apport me anything intellectually, and I ony have on neuron left.

    P.S. I know “the boss” is really me, so lets keep it down…..

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      1. How can yo get mad at me’ Easy, it´s me.

        I live in the first floor of an apartment ( if you want to call this crap an apartment), Under me there is a English school, next to my friendly friend selling drugs, so it is a constant screaming of kids, I should murder them, then I have literally two night clubs under this great apartment, how do I sleep? Between the kids I want to murder and the idiots at least 5. a.m I also want to murder, I´m just a serial killer.

        Next time you call me ¨the boss¨, one of two things, you are disrespecting THE BOSS, Bruss Springting, I´m only the…..Underboss.

        Love yaa!

        P.S. For some women it is very hard to get mad at me, you are more perceptive than men.

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        1. Isn’t Al Pacino and Marlon Brando the Underboss? Haha!

          PS. You need to move houses. Quick!

          PPS. Yes, too many people commenting that I think too much like a man. 😁


      1. Lol. Mine too long of a bad boss was many years ago. Young women of today won’t take it that long!😂👏👏


  4. Oh, Kally, I’m sorry. Compared to your boss, mine is merely annoying. Your boss, though, with his tantrums…how old is he, five?

    What happens if he loses his temper and hurts someone? You won’t have a boss then, because he’ll be in prison.

    Can’t he see he’s driven away everyone? Instead, he takes the one person who’s been loyal to him for a decade now, and he treats her like a servant.

    Of course, it’s difficult to make a change when you are amidst a situation, especially when you’ve ben at a place for ten years. Still, you father is right, Kally, you deserve so much more than this!

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  5. Hey Kally, If i were you, I would write this in short two lines. You are amazing, Hats off to you to survive with this kind of boss. And you added up 10+ years, are you serious. I would only ask, You think he is the only employer in this entire world🤔. But liked your attitude towards his behaviour is really appreciated. Keep Up. We only wish you for a better paying job. But it’s totally upto you. As long as you are happy, Just Enjoy the work with him✨Stay Positive ✨

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  6. I don’t think the person in this story is blindly loyal and chooses freely to stay on. Ultimately it comes down to the employee’s choice; who cares what everyone else thinks, if he/she is OK in this situation/job. I only hope for the rights reasons and not out of fear of the unknown and limiting beliefs, compromising for the wrong reasons.

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  7. Hopefully, she’s not really staying because she’s stuck there by limited opportunity or fear of change.

    By the way, Kally, I notice with your Whispers that someone always mistakenly thinks it’s you posting about yourself. I wonder if you could end each Whisper with something like “Do you have something about your job you’d like to Whisper to me? I’d love to hear from you.” — or something along those lines. Or you could modify your titles to something like Whisper to Kally: I have a Crazy Boss.

    Not that big a deal. Just a thought. Either way, I love reading these Whispers.

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  8. To the anonymous : if your happy.. more power to you. If not.. the world is a big place.. bigger than anyone can even imagine. There are no guarantees in life, we may get hit by a bus tomorrow.. nothing is worth dying unhappy.

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  9. Great for you!! You focused on the positive aspects (the things you got from working there), rather than his issues. You know you are in charge of your own mind and outlook. Bravo!! ❤️🦋🌀


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