Some people may opt to leave their career for a certain amount of time for various reasons. For example, some may take a break to take care of their loved ones or recover from a medical ailment, and others may wish to take on a new challenge, while a few may use the time to take a break.

Whichever reason one has for their long break from work, returning can be a challenging ordeal. Fortunately, there are ways to get past this uncertainty and here are eight tips we recommend you try out:

Assess The Job Market And Your Job Needs

Before you consider returning to work, make sure that you look at the job market and see if your skills can still compete in the current workplace. Your work performance and abilities have shifted during your break, so you need to know which position is ideal for you upon your return to the workplace and what kind of activities you prefer as you work.

Update Your Resume And Cover Letter

It is also vital that you update your resume and cover letter to match your work history, skills and the job you are applying for. The cover letter, in particular, should contain a short statement regarding your absence and what you have done throughout that time. Of course, the resume and cover letter should also contain points as to why you should be considered for the job.

Develop Your Network

While you do your job search, you must expand your current network by joining professional organizations or going to industry events that you are interested in. Doing either one of these actions will help you find individuals who can help you get into the job openings you want to apply for. They can also help you determine which skills you need to upgrade to adapt to the new workplace.

Create Your Pitch

As you look for a new job, make it a point to practice your pitch to get people interested in hiring you. Your pitch must summarise your work history, work skills, and characteristics that make you the perfect candidate. Take time to practice your pitch until you can do it naturally. Do the same thing with your responses to your interview questions, which can do wonders if you get nervous when speaking to someone.

Upgrade Your Skills

As mentioned above, you will need to know what skills are now in demand in the job market. Since you have been on a hiatus from work, your skills may be outdated or no longer needed for the jobs you plan to apply for. Therefore, take some time to upgrade your skills and build new ones to increase your chances in the career you are after.

Join Trainings And Seminars

To assist with your skills development, don’t be afraid to join training and seminars that will allow you to be up-to-date with your industry. You can check information about these events with your professional organization or through social media platforms like LinkedIn.

Take On Part-Time Jobs

You can also take some time to do part-time jobs to get back into the swing of the workplace and help your mindset focus back into your work mindset. Some part-time jobs may even become your full-time position if your employers see how well you work despite your work hiatus.

Be Confident

If you want to reenter the workplace after your hiatus, you need to be confident that everything will be ok. Thinking negatively about your entrance back to the workplace will affect your mindset and cause you to doubt your skills in getting back to work.


Reentering the workplace after a significant amount of time in hiatus can be a challenge that some may be reluctant to face. However, you can help prevent anxiety from affecting your perspective by preparing early and knowing what is required. So check these tips above and start with your preparations today.

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