More often than not, people leave their jobs because they feel like their company or team does not appreciate them. As an employee, it is of paramount importance to feel valued by your company; it shows that your work input is appreciated no matter the position.

If you feel unappreciated in your workplace, the first step should not be confronting the supervisor. They may be busy and unable to look at everyone’s progress or even have the time to appreciate you.

Here are some steps to keep you motivated if you feel unappreciated:

Appreciate What You Are Doing So Far

Sometimes, we may feel unappreciated because we don’t give ourselves credit for our hard work. Please keep track of all your tasks and review how well you did. As you check them, you will get that self-esteem boost you are looking for. Once people see you, they will complement your positive vibes, and you’ll lose that sense of being unappreciated.

Take part in team activities

You can also cheer up by joining team activities because it allows you to socialize with your coworkers. As you partake in the team activities, it will take your mind off your negative thoughts and find a new way to appreciate your work efforts. It will also present a chance to reach out to others and discuss how you can improve your work.

Don’t hesitate to ask for feedback

Sometimes, it can be very hard to discern whether you need to improve on something, especially if your team leader or manager does not give feedback. Ask for a meeting with your boss, team leader, or even your groupmates and seek their reviews.

Throughout the session, you will understand your boss or group mates’ personality and find the explanation as to why you aren’t getting the feedback. Some bosses or team leaders may not be too inclined to provide feedback because they don’t want any favouritism. If you need their feedback, ask if they can give it to help you with your progress.

Help Establish an Employee Recognition Award

If you notice that your company doesn’t have any program available to express their appreciation to their employees, take the initiative and discuss it with your boss or HR department. Find out why they aren’t doing it and suggest a great employee recognition program in the company. You could establish a simple points system with a reward like a free staff lunch, or use an external gift card API to reward employees. With that in mind, the system should be balanced so that you do not give out too many or too few rewards for their work.

Join a group

You can also join a workgroup to get positive interactions with your groupmates and understand how you can improve yourself. You can have your groupmates review your work, attend conferences to boost your network, and learn more about your industry. Make sure to be positive when you take part because it may affect your chances of getting hired in a different company or making good connections.

If you feel unappreciated at work, don’t immediately resign and look for ways to get past this feeling. With one of these tips, you can improve your self-esteem and help others feel the same way.

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37 replies on “How to Deal With a Lack of Appreciation in the Workplace

  1. Good piece Kally. Let’s not look for appreciation at all places. We often don’t get it. The primary aspect is to do our duty in the most faithful manner. Therefore, in the process, if one gets a pat on the back, well and good. Getting appreciated for the work done is only secondary to the perfect execution of the work itself.

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      1. I used to move pretty frequently between jobs. Always curious to see how other enterprises worked. And even when I left on a less than friendly note I kept my work at a high standard right to the end.

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Kally my friend,

    I recon I’m “Old-fashioned”

    I believe that EVERY job “well done” is its own appreciation.

    When we have done our Best and given our ALL, self satisfaction is its won reward.

    God Bless,

    Liked by 1 person

  3. This is such a reflective piece on dealing with lack of appreciation at work. I like how you mentioned it’s not always best to approach your supervisor – as the feeling of under-appreciation comes from within you, and different people see appreciation differently. For example, some people see ‘Thank you’ as a sign of appreciation at work while others see something like a token or gift as a gesture of appreciation instead. I agree with your points here. The more you make an effort to be a part of the team at work and asking for feedback, you can feel more involved and comfortable with yourself at work.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. I guess another part of me is that if I am confident I’m doing great work, the appreciation from others isn’t going to be a great deal to me. I mean it’s good to be appreciated but I won’t be hankering for it.

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  4. Excellent advice, Kally. I’ve learned no matter what I do I give it my best. I honestly don’t need anyone telling me I’ve done a good job …. I do that for myself. SMILE!! However, that trait did not just appear. I had to teach myself not to “expect” anyone saying anything about what I’ve done. I just go about doing my best.

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  5. Very good. Particularly “not confronting” the supervisor. if S/He has noticed you then you have to do something about it.
    I would add, “Take initiatives” in your job, in your group or even outside, that would be beneficial to all.
    All well, Peng Yu?

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  6. Great tips! That’s an interesting idea, establishing an employee recognition award if one does not currently exist. I can see how the process would boost your sense of accomplishment while also establishing a way for others to receive due recognition in the future.

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