23 replies on “Weekly Wisdom 8 April

  1. Hi Kally, (My computer has been in the repair shop, and heading back there again tomorrow.

    “Fear” has two meanings
    [1] Being scared
    [2] Being in Awe of

    Recognizing this, and overcoming being “afraid of”; and actually using this “wisdom” insight to motivate us to take prudent risk, is a very good thing; and a common challenge to successful people.
    Life is filled with such risk. We can permit THEM to control us; or we CAN control them.

    “Fear” as “Awe” speaks clearly on one’s prudent relationship with our God. Amen

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    1. Thank you so much in explaining the word fear to us, Patrick. Love that wisdom of using it to motivate and challenge us.

      Hope your computer get fixed soon.
      Stay safe and smiling.


      1. Kally, I moved from my old house in Haddonfield and I lost my son. Somehow it just didn’t seem to be a good fit for me. I gave the Senior Salon to Esme and she seems to be doing great with that. Cooking has always been a love for me and I am finally getting over my period of hard mourning, so this now seems to be a good fit. Thank you for asking.

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        1. I’m so sorry over the loss of your son. My sincere condolences. I’m glad that you finally getting over hard mourning and start taking interest in cooking again. Big hugs!

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