If you’re starting your own small business, congratulations.  Becoming a small business owner is a dream come true for those who love to carve out their own path in life.  

If you want your small business to have the best shot possible at success, you need to take the necessary steps to set up a digital presence for your operation.  

Web building may not be your forte, so take the time to educate yourself a bit.  Read through this brief compilation of a few simple design tips that will help you craft a business website that works.  

Add stationary navigation for simplicity

A simple layout is important for a website that works.  Web users don’t want to waste time on schematics when they’re looking for information, so make it easy for people to find what they need.  

Adding a simple stationary navigation bar to your website design gives web users a clear path to enlightenment, so they can spend more time on your website exploring what your business has to offer.  

Design your pages for mobile optimization

Mobile optimization should be a standard for any digital content your business disburses online.  Mobile users are far too prevalent a population for your design to not include and serve the needs of the community.  

Mobile optimization will help you get better results with your target consumers online.  Appeal to the masses with a smart move, and always optimize your digital content to perform with ease on today’s most popular mobile devices. 

Learn the concepts of SEO 

Search engine optimization will work wonders for your website’s placement in the SERPs (search engine results pages).  Ranking well in the SERPs is vital for your visibility as a business online.  

If you want people to actually see and explore your website, you need to consider the concepts of SEO as you build your site.  Work alongside the search engine sorting bots, and you’ll find better results in the long run.  

Add a blog page to your site

Every great website build includes a designated spot for your company blog.  A business blog gives your website some interesting content for users to explore once they land on your pages.  

You want people to spend more than just a few seconds on your website, as more time spent typically means more rapport built between your business and that individual.  

This professional freight handling site has a blog that supports their industry.  Adding posts to your blog section that educate individuals on your industry will help boost the visibility of your site overall.  

Make sure to encourage communication

A great website encourages visitors to communicate.  Gathering information from web users will help your business better serve the needs of your target consumer.  

Provide every opportunity possible for web users to leave their mark on your website, and take every opportunity to answer questions or requests as soon as possible. 

64 replies on “Tips For Entrepreneurs Building Their Own Business Website

    1. It really depends on what you are blogging about and if businesses are willing to pay to be on your blog. It is not about how many followers but how high is your blog traffic, who are your readers and how frequent you blog.

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  1. One thing that bugs me about many retail/professional services websites is the endless minefield of dropdowns. You slide out of one and whack, you’re caught by another. It’s not an attraction, it’s a repellant!

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    1. Thanks, Miriam. Not all websites have blogs or articles posted on their websites. Usually when someone refers to blogs, it pointed to personal writing. Nowadays, many small medium businesses like to have blogs on their websites for SEO reasons and customer engagement.

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  2. Thanks for the simplified tips Kally. It’s easy to get caught up and lost with the myriad of options and alternatives in building your own business website. Sometimes I want a simple approach to start off. And tips does that. Thanks a bunch!

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  3. Very helpful tips! I wanted to do better on the navigation for my blog, but right now I’m stuck with a template that doesn’t allow for the design I want. My next step is learning how to customize better once I upgrade!

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  4. I think it’s a good idea to make a menu sticky for an easy user experience. Mobile optimization is really important since Google is already implementing mobile-first indexing so better start making your site/ blog mobile-friendly.

    SEO on the other hand is a never-ending learning curve. I totally agree that learning that area will definitely help a lot. You can’t just write a blog post without proper keyword research.

    One of my ways of encouraging communication on my blog is by asking a question(s) at the end of every post. Also, when people leave a comment I ask them a question back which keeps the conversation going.

    Thanks for the tips, Kally!

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