27 replies on “Weekly Wisdom 13 April

  1. SMiles Kally i Used
    To Believe my
    Job For


    The Difference

    Between Life
    Or Death


    Is A Shorter
    Way For Life


    That Attitude

    FOR Me

    A Career


    Be Life
    Or Death Deep

    Do What You
    Love or



    Hate Living
    CuLTuRE is Always
    Illusion Yet Deadly

    To Even BReATHE SoUL🌊🎼

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  2. Hmmm, actually, one does not only get ONE opportunity for respect or career.
    I have changed careers three times, beginning as a Social Worker for eight years, changing to Medical Technologist at age 30 (working in research labs for about 10 years as well), and finally becoming a General Contractor at age 50.
    In each of my changes, I left with good respect from my employers and colleagues, but even when one loses respect, it CAN be regained. It will just take a LOT of time, consistency and patience. Respect is much more important to maintain than a career, as it IS very difficult to regain, but not impossible. 🤠

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  3. WOW Kally, THAT’S telling it like it is (Most of the time)

    What is lost CAN be found; but only with GREAT effort and diligence. There is ALWAYS a price to pay for our errors. Still it IS better to pay THAT price than it is to pretend that it does NOT matter.

    “To thy own self be true” (Shakespeare) (then practice this candid truth with all others.)

    May God our life paths and decisions!

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