For some of us, we find our significant other at work due to the amount of time we spend in our workplace. Sometimes, it can be surprising and take us off guard. So, what does happen if you suddenly find yourself in love at work?

Here are the 10 things that can happen if you get hit by Cupid at work:

1. You become inspired

Since someone is inspiring you, you are more inspired to work and show off your talents. You also get a boost because of it.

2. Work isn’t so dreary after all

You will see your “crush” as a reason to keep going to work and see them as a reason to stay positive. This has become your reason to come to work everyday.

3. You are more open to talking to others

If your “crush” or “other half” is in another team, you can become more confident in speaking to other people, especially from other departments.

4. Work opens more time for you to spend with each other

Since work can take a lot of our time, it can be hard to work on our relationships. However, if you are working in the same company, you can use your breaks to meet one another.

5. You become trustworthy and loyal

If the company is open to your relationship, you will be loyal to them as a way of saying thanks. You also find it easier to relate to the company’s values at the same time and be trustworthy.

6. There will be complications

Workplace relationships can be complicated, especially if it doesn’t work out for you. It can be quite awkward to work with your ex if it happens and it is possible that one of you will quit to get away from the criticisms and rumours.

7. Rumours will go flying

Complications may arise if you start a relationship with a coworker, especially if no one knows about it. People will start talking about you and cause rumours to start. If these rumours reach your boss, it may spell trouble.

8. You might end up making mistakes

If you focus more on your flirting, chances are your work will suffer from it. You may also miss a lot of deadlines since you take long breaks to talk to your partner.

9. Your promotion will be at risk

Love at work may be ok for your heart, it may not be okay for your superiors. If they find out about your relationship, it may put your promotion at risk since it is seen as unprofessional behaviour.

10. You may lose your job

Finally, you may end up losing your job if your superiors find out about your relationships. Some companies actually ban romantic relationships at work because of their potential to affect productivity. Even if you fight for it, your company’s rules will be against you.

Love is amazing once you find the one you love. However, if you do find them at work, remember that there will be some ups and downs that may affect not just your heart, but also your career.

Before you get into a serious relationship, know what is accepted in your workplace about relationships. Speak to your partner about it and use them as your inspiration to do well. If we are not able to balance between love and work, you will definitely find it hard to get your relationship together.

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28 replies on “10 Things That Can Happen If You Fall In Love At Work

  1. Great analysis, Kally! You’ve given this much though, obviously, and your observations are spot-on.

    If you like someone, 1 through 4 definitely apply.

    However, when you act on that desire, 6 through 10 become real dangers.

    Which is to ask, do 1-4 make 6-10 worth it? A question many of us have answered “no.”

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for summing it all up! It is a dangerous path to tread. I can only say tread very carefully. Love is a wonderful thing but don’t throw everything away just for a feeling.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Hey this topic is an interesting one😍 When it comes to love, it exists everywhere, out of race, religion and community, it’s blind and come to anyone. But coming to your topic, Love at work place is toxic, a work place needs our dedication and involvement in work which we obviously will lose and it’s very much obvious rest everything comes behind as you said, people might lose their job and might affect promotion too. Love outside, work inside would be my only suggestion.✨😉 Interesting post Kally. Especially love this topic as we see stories everyday like this at our workplace🥰

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Simon. Nothing is too sensitive or sacred to talk honestly about what happens in the workplace. I like to dive deep into little stuff that affect people in their worklife. It’s a shame people especially HRs and managers don’t talk about it more. Transparency is the way to go.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Well, you definitely cover the full spectrum of possibilities from positive to negative! 😅 It’s good to remember all those factors, however. I’ve witnessed couples who work together and I always wonder how the relationship outside the job affects their relationship inside the job.

    Liked by 2 people

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