Okay, MM folks. Valentine’s Day is coming.

I know it is a commercial holiday more than sentimental value (I prefer to be pampered every single day than to allocate one day a year just to show appreciation) but in view of the upcoming day, I have compiled a few anonymous stories (that I know you’ll love), some amusing, some heartwarming and one even sad.

Enjoy the stories and hope they warm your heart as they did mine.

I found my forever one at my workplace. I never thought it was possible. I was 17 and he was 22. We were working at this warehouse and we were suppose to be stocktaking.

It was my first job and I was in between decision whether to start working for real or to attend university. I suppose the late night shifts created an opportunity for me and him worked closely. We found so much in common in our dreams, our thoughts and goals.

Our parents thought we were too young to settle down and made us wait for five years. Five long years of engagement! But it was worth the wait.

We are now married with 2 adorable boys and celebrating our tenth year anniversary in a month’s time. Oh yes, we both moved on from the warehouse: he started his own business and I went on to take my business degree but we never deviate from our relationship.
– Jessie, work-from-home mother


I often frown upon workplace relationships. I’ve seen so much breakups and makeups in the office that I know very well to steer away from trouble. But the Cupid has other ideas obviously.

Yvette was (and still is) the sweetest and kindest woman I ever met. I fell for her kind eyes and funny laughter. We don’t work in the same department but regularly, we’ll bumped into each other in meetings or the company’s cafeteria.

In the end, it was her who asked me out on a date. I nearly hesitated because of my dislike of office relationships. We have never looked back since the first date and still going strong together after 3 years. But I did made the conscious decision to quit and join the competition instead of working under the same roof.
– Saul, Logistic Analyst

Romance was the last thing on my mind. And I have a lot of my mind during those days.

I was a struggling single mother with an autistic child. My partner left us when he found out that our child wasn’t normal and that shattered my faith in love.

It started out innocently enough, I met Dave during one of our company’s event. I was in the event committee and he’s into marketing the event out to our employees. We grew close and he asked me out.

I told him while I was flattered but no. He begin to be very persistent but really sweet about it. He says he can see us for the long run. He has a special need brother so we kinda bonded over that as well. After two years of rejecting him, I finally let him to take me and my child out on dates.

So far, we are still in the same company and been together for almost 4 years.
– Andrea, Illustrator


Jacqueline was my enemy.

We are so much loggerheads at each other, our colleagues dread having meetings with us. Every idea she have is shot down by me (yes I was being a real jerk) and every solution is rejected by her (she’s none the better).

One day at a meeting, something in me just snapped and I challenged her to a drinking duel in a nearby bar just to spite her. We both thought our colleagues will be there to witness once and for all this satisfying competition.

Nobody turned up! In fact, nobody gives a damn about us trying to kill each other in the office.

We ended up getting really drunk and hangover the next day at work. We also ended up being together for the next 5 years and still counting! And yes, we still argue a lot at work but somehow it works for both of us at home.
– Harold, Workplace Planner

I knew my mother-in-law first before I met my wife. In fact, she was the one who ask me to date her daughter.

My mother-in-law is not someone who take no for an answer, I know because I have been working with her for two years. She handles all my travel expenses and one day, she insisted that I should come to her home to meet her daughter.

I was just recently divorced and wasn’t planning to go on a dating scene so soon. I guess she had her eye on the prize the whole time. I thought to myself that her daughter must be desperate to have her mother come and be the matchmaker for her.

Turns out I was totally wrong. I went to their home on Thanksgiving (after being hounded nonstop by my mother-in-law) and met the most beautiful homely lady who became my wife and the mother of my child.

We are expecting the second one this year!
– Andy, Assets Manager

I had a couple of workplace romance throughout my career and they never worked out for me.

Mainly because I’m very involved in my career and I don’t have much time to nurture any meaningful relationships. I thought I’ll be single for the rest of my life and I was fine with that.

Until I met Gerald. He was funny, kind and most importantly, he is extremely understanding. He always joked that I am married to my job. He is right. But working with me on a major case for a client, he was my passionate side and didn’t shy away on how aggressive I can be, fighting for my clients’ cases.

He was a paralegal of my firm and we tried dating for a couple of months before he decided in order for us to truly have a relationship, he has to resign. Which he did. And we went on becoming a small family of three now.
– Diana, Litigation

Jacob and I were working together in a previous company but we were never close. So when the company went bankrupt, we went our separate ways.

Fate brought us together few years later. I bumped into him in the current company I am with now and thought he look very familiar. We ended up working in the same team when our departments merge.

He asked me out a few times and I enjoyed his company. When he asked me to move in with him, I didn’t think twice.

We are happily married after three years of living together. And yes, we are still working together in the same team. Our manager knows about us and have always supportive of our relationship.
– Wendy, Customer Retention Agent


I hired my wife!

To be fair, I didn’t hire her because of how pretty she is. And yes, she has the prettiest sparkling eyes I have ever seen.

I needed a temporary secretary when mine went on maternity leave. Edith was one of the impressive candidates who interviewed and the only one who can filled in the position immediately.

I am a hard worker and we have worked together through late nights throughout her tenure. When my secretary returned, Edith was transferred to another manager who needed a temporary secretary. I started to miss our friendly banter and I would purposely take a longer route so I can pass by her desk. Just to see her smile sent a jolt to my heart.

I did asked Edith out but I was rejected outright because she was dating someone. I was crushed and tried to forget her.

One day, she came to look for me and told me that she’s leaving the company and if I would consider asking her out again. I jumped at the chance and we had to be very discreet at work while she was serving her notice because our company frown on office relationships.

27 years later, we are still lovingly married.
– Norman, Sales Vice President

I love her cheeky grin when she is up to no good. Susie and I were in the same company as bottom feeders. I worked my way up over the years and she hasn’t left my side.

The problem is that our company have a strict policy of dating in the workplace. The consequence is termination. So we never dated. Although we know we have a wonderful chemistry, we never close the gap.

She gotten married and widowed over the years but she is still in the same department as I am. I dated other women on and off but I have never really found the same kind of spark I found in Susie.

The day I gathered my guts and asked her out, was the day she broke down and confided in me that she was diagnosed with initial stages of cancer. We started dating discreetly but the company found out anyway.

Because I was in a high position, I only got myself a warning letter. Susie had to leave her job anyways because she wasn’t fit enough to come to the office anymore.

We married a year after I asked her out and she gave me another two more years of happiness before succumbing to her illness. Until this day, I regretted that I never asked her out sooner and that I never dare to risk my job for her because she’s worth it.
– Brayden, Account Senior Manager

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  1. Good for you

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  2. Last one is really heartbreaking.

    Hey Kally,Wish you Happy Valentines Day in advance & all love for you.

    As every time i read your blog i get inspiration and i push myself to be a good one.

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  3. Thanks for sharing!… have a Happy Valentines day and hope the day, and every day, is filled with love and happiness!… 🙂

    “Love is the expansion of two natures in such fashion that each include the other, each is enriched by the other.” Felix Adler

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  4. I worked with my husband, that’s how we met. As soon as we realized, we were more then co-workers, I searched and found another job. This year, we will be married 15 years 🙂


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