Every job seeker aims to work for a company that offers incentives to help them adjust to the job and keep them inspired. Without incentives, productivity is low and employees would find the job difficult to bear.

Fortunately, companies are now offering incentives as part of their job offers.

If you are looking for your dream job, here are six cool job perks you can add in your wishlist:


Pet-friendly office

For many pet lovers out there, they would definitely love the chance to be able to bring their pets to work with them. Having their pets around could help them relax during tough deadlines and tasks. Check if the company is animal-friendly and have places or perks your pet can enjoy while you are at work.

Rover.com is one of these awesome workplaces that let you bring your dog.

Got a cat like mine? No worries, Poopycat will let your feline follow you to work.


No official work hours

Having the usual 9-5 job can be very monotonous and can cause you to lose interest with the tasks at hand.

Some companies only measure the amount of work done by the employee and not how long they stayed in their tables. A good indicator that a company has no official work hours is if they listed that staff can work at home.

Asana has one of the most flexi-work schedules in their company.


Tons of time off

You need a break every once in a while, especially if you have completed a difficult task or deadline. Employers must give you a chance to recover from it so you can face the next challenge head-on. Look into the company’s vacation time and how they approve leaves.

Kronos has an unlimited vacation time policy in the company. Say yes, to travel around the world!


Focus on family

If you are starting a family, it is important that your work doesn’t take a lot of your time. Even if your career is dependent on how much you work, your family must come first.

Check your company’s incentives for families and even check if you can ask for an adjusted work schedule.

Ernst & Young Solutions LLP has a flexi-work schedule, flexi-place and even a flexi-time.


Continuing education

Not everyone can afford to continue their studies, especially for graduate studies. But, having a higher education can bring a lot of benefits to one’s career and can help you land your dream job with ease.

There are companies offering scholarships for employees who wish to continue their education. Some may even have a network which employees can get an assessment and advice on which courses they can sign up for.

Schneider Electric is one of the leading companies that support continuing education wholeheartedly.


On-site health services

Stress can pile up when you have to go through a lot of documents and deadlines every single day. As a result, it can cause you to develop health problems that may result to death. If you are hired for a desk job, you may end up becoming weaker and grow enormous because your job isn’t active enough to keep your body fit.

In this end, it is crucial that the company you plan to work for must have on-site health services to help you stay fit. The company should offer health insurance, have medical staff on standby and facilities to help you recover.

Mars, Inc is one of the best places that cares for your health.


When you look for a job, it is crucial that you do not accept job offers immediately because they may not offer you the right benefits. So, take time to review the jobs you plan to apply for and check if they offer the perks in your checklist.

As for me, freelancing currently tick all the boxes!

Pet-friendly office – my 3 purring cats
No official work hours & Tons of time off – I work when I want, what I want
Focus on family – I’m typing this as my kid runs around me
Continuing education – http://www.coursera.org (seriously love this site!)
On-site health services – my massage chair

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