Last night, my hubby finally told me that I have been mumbling in my sleep. His statement was “You are a stay home mom, why are you so stressed out that you mumbled in your sleep?” The thing is that I am not stressed out. In fact, I never felt so invigorating in my life.

So what’s wrong?


The thing is that I have been juggling a lot on my plate. It’s not stressful, it’s just playing out different roles at the same time that gets to me sometimes. Besides being a mom, I am also a wife, a recruiter, a writer and a trying author. On top of those roles, I’m a cook, a cleaner, a teacher and a volunteer. That, already sounds like a mouthful.

Before this life, I have been single and a career woman. I only need to think about myself and my work. After work, I switched off to concentrate on taking care of myself. No such luxury in this life. I can’t switch off being a mom and a wife. These two roles are 24/7.

Everything needs planning. Every little time I have, it is spent wisely. My only indulgence everyday is to spend some time to write posts in MiddleMe. Even then, my brain is actively working.

I don’t know if I can go back to being just a Mother and a career woman. Knowing that this life I have already broke my boundaries and stretched my limits. I’ll need more to keep my juices flowing.


That’s the transition that nobody told me about. That I will take on so much and push myself so hard. That satisfaction is so overwhelming that I want more. The satisfaction feels so good and powerful that I have started to decline gifts from my husband because I have more than enough. I’m happy.


I’m happy that I get to slave over the stove for my family. I even cook my daughter’s and my family’s meal separately (due to different taste buds – my husband likes his food spicy and while my daughter gets her food zero spice).

I’m happy that I get to curl up in bed with a good book with my daughter curling up with hers during rainy season. (Yes, we love reading our own books together – I’m grooming a little bookworm in her.)

I’m happy that I get to choose the kind of projects I want to do. I have the power to decline jobs that doesn’t suit or challenge me.

I’m happy that I know I make my clients’ life better and I exceed their expectations.

I’m happy that I get to make little changes to the world by volunteering.

I’m happy that as I type in this post, my cats are purring at my lap.

That goes a long way from being stressed out. And I couldn’t see the same kind of happiness in a lot of people. Is it because they lack of passion in their life / work? Or is it that they can’t find contentment? Maybe the satisfaction is not there?

I know my brain is working on overdrive and that’s why I mumble in my sleep. But that beats sleeping while grinding my teeth, crying in my sleep and even sleepwalking when I was single and a career woman.

A big change, huh?

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13 replies on “I Mumble In My Sleep

  1. You definitely have a lot to be happy for, Kally. Besides doing so much and being a mother, I find it impressive that you actually decline gifts from your husband.


  2. Wow!
    Have you realized that you might be mumbling about some game changing ideas for your work. You should definitely install a voice recording app on your smartphone or buy a little voice recorder for this specific purpose.

    Liked by 1 person

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