I enjoyed coming up with the last hashtag post that I decided to do one more for the last post of 2018! Positivity is the only way to kickstart a new year and wave farewell to a good old year.

So if you are like me twiddling your thumbs while watching the clock at work (I’m doing the same, only at my home office), here are some inspirations to cheer you up!





A little positivity goes a long way in making someone’s day! Don’t you agree? Come and #MakeMyDay by saying Hello! in the comments below.

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Best things in life are meant to be shared, start spreading MiddleMe around, after all, sharing is caring.

20 replies on “Hashtag #MadeMyDay Inspiration

  1. Kally dear friend,

    This is a fitting way for you to end this year.

    Thanks for all the shared wisdom, the insights and the motivation to keep striving to get better and to be BETTER.

    You are a joy and a blessing; and you STILL GOT IT Girl!

    May this New Year bring you joy, peace, health and growth.

    Thank YOU for sharing so much of yourself.

    God Bless and and your’s, HAPPY New Year!


  2. Reading this was just great! We all need to be more positive, it will always make someone’s day. Thanks for sharing these! And thanks for liking a comment I made on another site! Have a great day and God bless!

    Liked by 2 people

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