It has been some time ago since my last hashtag post, so I thought instead of showing you how others love their jobs, I am going to reveal some of the #WorstJobEver tweets. Maybe.. just maybe, you won’t feel so bad about your current job and maybe this will be a wake up call you need to appreciate your job even more!

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40 replies on “Hashtag #WorstJobEver Tweets

  1. I quite enjoyed those, yet pitied all those poor people. Here’s mine:

    My first job was at Burger King & my manager was a coke head who yelled at me & kept beer in the walk-in fridge around us minors. He also traded burgers for booze with the man who owned a liquor store in the restaurant parking lot.


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  2. Hahah some of these are just brilliant. Tazer tester? 😂
    But then there’s things like the person who was researching the Indian sewer system and found 1 worker dies doing that job every 5 days. That’s a horrifying statistic.
    Certainly puts some of my old #worstjobsever into perspective!
    Caz x

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  3. Some made me laugh, all made me cringe. There must be an easier way to “build character.”

    Ha, Ugh and occasionally, Yuck!

    Thanks for reminding us how the other half (or, at least, the other 2%) work, Kally!

    “I’m hired? No thank you; I’d rather starve.”

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  4. So many people obviously feel resigned to their fate. It is possible to achieve a lifestyle where you don’t wake up everyday feeling it’s Monday, but then again, not everybody possesses the will and desire to learn.

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      1. I believe so. Half the battle is changing one’s mentality. It does make me feel sad when so many just accept their lot, then complain about it their whole lives, rather than invest that energy into improving themselves.

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  5. There are countless thankless jobs on earth. I find this Bible verse helpful: “Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for human masters…” (Colossians 3: 23). God sees our efforts, and values us for them even if others do not. ❤

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