While working from home sounds bliss to many (no more early hour commute, yay!), it is a different feeling for parents across the globe. It doesn’t matter whether you are based in US, in Europe or in Asia. Being stuck in the same house with your spouse and children for 24 hrs in a month can drive anyone up the wall. I have dedicated this week to help all the parents who need to work from home during this Covid-19 pandemic. 

I have been stuck at home with my 3 years old daughter since 18 March and that is nearly 1.5 months that we haven’t been outside. No playground, no school, no shopping malls, no swimming pool. Zilch! Na-da! I count my blessings each day she doesn’t ask why we aren’t going out. So far, she is too occupied at home to notice we haven’t step out of the house for a long time or why daddy is at home all the time. 

One day, she wore a mask, her sunglasses and a hat in the house for a few hours. When I asked, she replied her gears is to keep her safe from virus because it is dangerous out there. Haha! 

This inspired me to collect Tweets from all around the world. So enjoy these tweets and know that you’ll never walk alone. 

If you are a parent working from home, come and share your crazy stories with us down in the comments below.

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44 replies on “Tweets from Working at Home Parents who are going Crazy

    1. Ahhh… The big baby is at home. Haha! I’m dealing with 5 babies actually – 1 hubby, 1 toddler and 3 cats. Guess what? The 3 cats are the ones giving me the least grief.

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  1. Luckily this month will see the first steps to normality. Lock-downs are released this month in a lot of countries. Step by step but it will happen. Many countries by now have been succesfull in flatten and getting down the curve.

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    1. That is definitely awesome news. I’m still waiting for the lockdown to ease at this part of the world (Malaysia). Currently, we just extended our lockdown until 9 June.


  2. Kiddo, thIs may have been YOUR BEST EVER POST,


    Thanks to ALL who haven’t failed to see God’s humor in all of this sadness,

    Thanks Kally,

    God Bless,

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  3. This pandemic is certainly giving us all brand new lessons about staying safe and sane at the same time, inside the comfort of our own homes, for more than we could ever possibly asked for 😁

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  4. Hilarious tweets. Parenting during a lockdown is very tough and I commend you for that. Your daughter is right, ha – the coronavirus is dangerous and wearing a mask is important.

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    1. And is she wearing sunglasses because she knows the coronavirus can be transmitted through the eye? Wow, she knows a lot for a 3-year-old.

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      1. Haha! We did watch a few age-appropriate videos on explaining coronavirus to young kids. I also explain to her in very simple terms why we cannot go out now (lockdown). Before the pandemic happened, we were learning about the word “dangerous”. So I am able use this word in context now that the World is Sick, the World needs to Heal and it is dangerous to go out now without protection.

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        1. Good, so she has a strong understanding of what’s going on and why lockdown is necessary. Indeed, “dangerous” is very apt to describe the coronavirus.

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  5. LOVE these! I’m sending some of them to my children and their spouses.
    (My daughter posted on Sunday that while some mothers got breakfast in bed for Mother’s Day, at her house lucky Mommy woke up to a five-year-old screaming that he had wet the bed. :/ ) (Her husband was fixing her breakfast at the moment, so I guess it was OK in the end.)

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