When you are not careful in protecting your image, you will find yourself having to do damage control to protect your career life. Everyone has a reputation that goes with you in all places you got to.

Often, a bad reputation affects you a lot more than the good one. And if you are applying for a new job, a bad reputation could make it a lot harder for you to land that job. Today’s highly-connected world means the slightest public misstep may be the end of your once-great reputation. Below are things you need to definitely avoid if you would like to keep a positive image.

Not Picking Your Battles

Unavoidably workplaces always have conflict. It’s important for you to recognize that some battles are to be fought while others are not. Neither of the extremes is good in your career. Be sure you understand the battles that are worth waging and those that aren’t. Failing to do so, your reputation will take a hit. Being too timid is taken as a pushover while being too aggressive you will be taken as a troublemaker.


Social Media Misuse

Remember social media always follows you. When not careful about what you say, you might say something that will later be used against you. Sadly, social networking provides itself for serious oversharing, particularly on Facebook. Even then avoid commenting mostly on religion and politics on social media.

Committing A Crime

When you commit any crime that’s serious, your reputation will take a major hit. With that, you will really have to work extra hard to reestablish your integrity. Also depending on the crime committed, you may find your career critically derailed, and people’s trust worn.


Always make sure you practice what you preach. All the things you advocate for ensure that you follow them to the latter. If at one time you act in a manner that goes against what you stand for, it can mean a serious hit on your image.

An example is when you speak out against drunk driving, then one day you are arrested for driving while drunk. This will mean you will face a fine and your credibility will be questioned. Owning your mistake and not making excuses can buy you some good will but you will have lost many people’s trust.


Lies have a way of catching up with you. It could be small or big, like lying to hide a mistake. If you have made a mistake, it’s easier to own it then move on. When you lie, people always remember, thus your reputation may probably not recover soon especially with your present employer.


Talk Much, Listen Little

Despite the position you hold, always listening skills is something you need to hone. When you truly listen, people in your workplace will notice. This way you will their confidence in you thus growing your reputation further. However, when you talk a lot, people tend to tune you out, mostly, if what you are saying does not help them in any way.

Not Taking Responsibility

It is a lot challenging when you have to admit to someone that you have messed up. But what is a lot worse is trying to cover up. When you truly have made a mistake, it is advisable that you stand up and take responsibility and also clean up the mess.

On the other hand, don’t let yourself be some else’s scapegoat when you are certain you didn’t make the mistake. Accept responsibility when necessary and your reputation will be linked to your willingness to do so under the right circumstances.

Constantly Changing Your Stand

When you are constantly changing your opinion changes depending on the people you are with, you probably are not that trustworthy. When you keep changing your opinion when your bosses are present and when they are gone, you are then not being truthful.

People always see it and will believe you to be a suck-up. And that is not a good for your reputation. When you keep saying your opinion ever so differently every time your audience changes, it doesn’t help either. It just tailoring the message to your current audience, yet maintain the substance.


Getting Drunk

This is more a judgment issue. If getting drunk at the company-sponsored event may seem okay to you, then you do risk tarnishing your reputation. When you get that drunk you will probably be the office talk and especially when you, as a result, do something very stupid.

Being Difficult To Work With

Being known as someone who is hard to work with can be extremely tough to shake off. When you start to realize that you could be such a person, any attempts to change will be looked as suspiciously since those you work with will be wondering what you are up to. Therefore, at least try to treat your workmates with respect, act like you are part of a team and listen to what they have to say.

What else do you think will ruin your reputation at work? Come and share your thoughts with us on this topic!


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41 replies on “10 Ways To Destroy Your Reputation At Work

  1. Beautiful tips which can help me in promoting my Book : Journey from Guwahati to Machhiwara on Social Media . Book entered 18 countries , 154 library India 🇮🇳, 3 in USA 🇺🇸. Truly acknowledge the power of Social Media & Blogger posts I read

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  2. Thanks miss Kally. This is really helpful, very timely for me since I have just entered the workforce. Your tips are words to live by!!


  3. Great post. You’ve written so much truth here. I’ve personally witnessed people doing a few of these. For example:
    Social Media Misuse- I work in human resources at my company, and I often overhear our recruiters and hiring managers talking about people who’ve interviewed. I’ve seen firsthand when someone’s inappropriate social media posts ruin their chances of getting a job they’re interviewing for.
    Not Taking Responsibility- I used to work with someone who blamed EVERYTHING that went wrong with her projects on someone else. All of her projects seemed to collapse, and it was always someone else’s fault. I don’t know if she fooled anyone else, but she didn’t fool me.
    Being Difficult to Work With- I have seen so many people who are difficult to work with who ruin their professional reputation. People hate working with them, or gossip about them behind their back. It’s sad, but they brought it upon themselves, I guess.

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    1. Thank you for sharing your experiences with us. It’s crazy that most of the points I have listed out are common sense however we still see such behaviors in the workplace. It’s really silly to ruin your reputation over such instances like the ones you have shared.

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  4. As always, you make good points as to the topic in question, Kally… Talk much., listem little: yes, that motto and behaviour can certainly ruin your reputation at work… and elsewhere. I am with you… Great post!… Sending love 🙂

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  5. Hello Kally, I’ve just read a few of your posts, and even for me at 59 years of age, the content is still applicable, so ,for any youngster trying to find their feet in todays competitive World your words of advice should be a must read.
    Your advice has a very long shelf life and no age restrictions. Brilliant.
    Take care.

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    1. Thank you so much for your comment, Mick! A lot of my advice came from experiences that I have encountered, some embarrassing, some painful but we all learn from our mistakes and here I am sharing them so others will not make the same ones. 🙂

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