You received your graded paper, the paper that you worked all summer, only to get a D. You worked hard and overnight to rush through a project for a customer, only to have it rejected outright within minutes of submission. You walked into the office on Monday morning to be called into your boss’ office to get scream at for a project that you weren’t even in charge of. 

What happens when your good is not good enough for others? Do you vent frustrations on yourself, on others? Do you push responsibility to others and not yourself? Do you blame yourself and wish you can die on the spot? 

It happened to me too! 

In fact, it can happen to anyone and everyone. Nobody is perfect to begin with and sometimes expectations are not align or there is misunderstanding in the communication or maybe you are just having a bad day. We’ve all been there. You are not alone. 

While you may feel angry and disappointed, don’t feel helpless because there are plenty you can do to move forward.

Don’t Blame Yourself (Too Much!) 

First of all, you can take the blame if it is truly your fault. But don’t let the blame and all the negative thinking that follows dwell too long.

We love to store bad feelings in our minds and start to relive those moments where we can do it again or walk through the scene again but this time do things or act differently.

By blaming yourself but not taking useful preventive measures isn’t taking responsibility for your shoddy work. We all have someone in our life that only keep whining about the bad stuff happening in their lives but not taking any action to remedy against it. 

Lesson Learnt 

Mistakes are where we learn to be better. Go through your work and find out where the mistakes are.

Are they there because you are careless or because you lack of knowledge?

Take this time to reflect on how you can avoid making those mistakes again (especially if it due to carelessness).  Write down an action plan on how you can prevent yourself from going down the same road.

If you are careless, stick a post-it at your desk to remind yourself to check thrice before any submission. 

Get It Off Your Chest

Ask for help.

Talk through it with your coworkers or fellow students. Show your work to a subject matter expert.

Most importantly, talk through your emotions with someone close. It is bad to harbour I’ll feelings about yourself or the person who puts you down. What has been done is done.

Having negative feelings means you are carrying the burden of anger, disappointment and blame. The quicker you relinquish those bad feelings, the quicker you’ll recover from the battlefield and live to fight another day. 

Improve Yourself

Lack of skills that hamper you from doing your best?

Then you need to upgrade yourself. Don’t wait for the company to send you for courses when there are plenty of online courses available and many of them are free like on and

It is always good to load up on relevant skills to help you in your work scope. It looks good on resumes and it may come handy one day when you need to hunt for a new job or change into a new industry.

It also shows that you are proactive (rather than reactive) towards improving yourself. 

Make Sure You Do Better

The one thing that will instantly make you feel better is that you have proven yourself to be able to move forward and do better than the last time. So if you follow all the tips suggested in this article, you’ll be able to succeed in your next project! 

Do you have better tips to guard against failures? Share with us on your experiences in the comments below. 

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49 replies on “When Good is Not Good Enough

  1. Your first thought should be Failure is not an option. Learn to look at the image of the thought being presented once you mastered that you will do fine. Learn with your eyes narrow the image down to one single point throughout the filler words. Asking others will only distort the the image of the thought.

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  2. ◇ How you feel when someone copies your work and gets a higher mark; 😆😅😄😃😂😁😀😉 Diamond Hard


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  3. It is only natural when creating an essay, to hope that this is your best work. When we find out that it was not what we thought, it is time to prepare the endeavor with more detail and focus. How many times have you “been there, done that”? You have opened an area for deep thought.

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  4. Thanks Kally, a really important POST.

    If we can’t forgive ourselves, we’ll never be able to forgive others.

    If we are unable to forgive others we will never have inner peace.

    So for the sake of you’re mental health; forgive yourself and others and move on.

    God Bless

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  5. I never mind makeing mistakes, I learn something each time. But if I know I have done something well and someone is still not happy with it then that’s not on me. They may never be happy with it no matter how good it is. I pity them.. what an unhappy way to go through life. Still.. at that point I am glad they showed me what they are like so I know to avoid them in the future.

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  6. In terms of therapy, I’ve found myself best served by a little wax doll and a handful of pins.


    The old voodoo witch doctors had a clue or two. Expel your anger and get on with your life. Ask the gods to punish those who oppress you, then get back to it. In most cases you get over your pain naturally anyway in a few days. And if a grand piano does fall out of a window on top of the idiot who was giving you hell, consider it a bonus.

    Just don’t get greedy. The gods aren’t exactly swimming in grand pianos.

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  7. Unjust self-blame is a terrible thing, Kally. I admit that I’m very bad about engaging in it. I’ve known for years that I need to work on “deserving.” It can be very hard to overcome one’s upbringing, but I try. I think we are all works in progress. Thanks for your encouraging post. Hugs!

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  8. Very well said
    I will add , that without to blame yourself which is not positive , you have to be convinced that ALL what happen you , in bad way as well in good way , is your fault
    If you are willing put the fault on an other person who did it , you Simply forgot that you have choose him or choose to let things do , so you will take the Lesson of it and make a better choice the next time
    As please don’t forgot tomorrow will happen new things , bad or good , and it will never stop
    have a nice day and never forgot the chance is with you

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  9. My people have a saying for this, it’s called “Cowboy up!” Get off the ground, pick up your hat, and get back on the horse. every decent cowboy in the world has been thrownn by a horse. the secret is to get back on it.

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