If you are going to groan ‘not another app that will help me work because I already have Evernote”, well, as you know MiddleMe is not your usual career magazine, then this article will not be the usual Productivity Apps. Today, I am going introduce apps that are fun, easy and some people deem that they are a waste of time but I have introduced these apps to my coworkers and team, their productivity improve.

So what are these apps? Game Apps! And guess what, it is free to download on your App Store and Andriod Store.

But before you dismiss this article, read on.


Gourmet Ranch
It is a farming game that seems easy at first, you plant your seeds, they grow and you sell or make food and sell. As you grow stage by stage, you realise that the seeds took longer to sow, the food took longer to cook.
Lesson Learnt
You need to plan your time, your seed and manage the cooking stove.
How does it help?
Time Management, Balancing, Multitasking

Trivia Crack
It is a trivia game with six categories surrounding art, entertainment, history, sport, science and special category: crown. The unique part is that the questions are submitted by players like you and me so it is not really computer generated questions that are not updated.
Lesson Learnt
You gain your knowledge a little.
How does it help?
Trivial things that fill in the gap of conversation, conversation starters, networking

Boost Beast
Similar to Candy Crush that took the world by storm. You clear the same color grouping to make little cute monsters kill little cute zombies, destroy all the zombies to get to the next stage.
Lesson Learnt
Strategy planning
How does it help?
Besides confirming that you are not color blind, you learn to plan your next move and the move after next carefully. Just like chess.


Brain Yoga
Ten puzzle games with ten difficulty levels, training your brain in a relaxing way.
Lesson Learnt
Increase your vocabulary, your memory, numeracy, spatial ability and pattern making.
How does it help?
It helps your brain to think faster. You grasp concepts better and you think clearer.

Mirrors of Albion
Hidden object puzzle game with 15+ game modes
Lesson Learnt
Training your habits to look carefully and make you think that things are not what they seem to be
How does it help?
Helps you scrutinize your own work before you click submit. You look more into details and sharpen your vision.

The Game of Life (USD$0.99)
Okay, this is not free but I really love this game. They even have the actual boardgame on this title. Basically, you got through life, throwing the dice and see what life situation you ‘landed’ in and make your choices.
Lesson Learnt
Sometimes life takes you in funny ways and turns and crossroads.
How does it help?
It made me question some of the life choices I would make in the game. Sometimes I would make really bad choices on purposes to see where it would take me, in the game of course!


There are plenty of games similar to the ones I have mentioned above. Find one that is of your fancy. I like to whip out my iPhone and play these games during my break time, just relax, challenge myself a little and maybe improve my skills a little.

How about you? Do you have a game app on your smartphone that increases your productivity? Share with us at the comments below.

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42 replies on “6 Apps that increase Your Productivity

  1. Reblogged this on MariaJob and commented:
    Oh yeah…thinking of paying for any of those certificate courses on time management and all, think again. Introducing you to these free productivity boosting apps…Read on! Am downloading mine right now..

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  2. You actually touched on the only reason I play games at all – for learning. It is all the more effective if it can be done in a fun way.

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  4. Good post. I don’t have any of these apps, but I will try and download few of them. I usually play football games or some action games that help me unwind after hours of writing. Or I usually take a power nap and go back to my writing schedule and in between I comment on various blogs like I’m doing right now.

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    1. I like to challenge my mind in different aspect so I can hone all the areas. We writers are often alone hence I also made sure I get invited to socialize with people face to face, rather depend on digital world.


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