Today, we’re talking careers for bookworms, so if you’re an avid reader listen up. You may not have thought about it, but the fact that you love to read makes you the ideal person for many reading-based careers. When we say ‘reading-based,’ we don’t mean you’ll spend your entire career reading, but it will play a big part in your role.

So what are the careers that are suited to people who love to read? For everything that you need to know about the best careers for bookworms, read on.

Medical professional

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If you’re an avid reader and a fan of hospital documentaries and dramas, a role as a medical professional could be perfect for you. Reading is a crucial part of working in the medical industry. As throughout medical school and while dealing with patients, reading is a vital resource. There are millions of diseases – far too many for you to keep track of them all, that’s why being a keen reader is so important. When it comes to diagnosing patients, being a quick reader is crucial. You can find out more about a medical career by visiting Working as a medical professional isn’t for everyone. However, if it’s right for you, it could be an enriching and interesting career, perfect for anyone who always has a book in their hands.



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If you’ve always liked the idea of helping others and love reading, then a role as a lawyer could be ideal. To become a successful lawyer, there is a lot of reading required, both during your training and while practicing law. A big part of your role as a lawyer, regardless of what area you opt to specialize in, will be reading. Whether it’s reading books about certain areas of law or going through the available evidence, a bit part of your role will include reading. Of course, there’s a lot more to being a lawyer than reading, but that is a vital part of the role. You can find out more about how lawyers work by checking out and having a browse.



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If you love to write as well as read and have your own creative voice, working as a blogger could be perfect for you. Want to know what life as a blogger is like, visit While most people think that bloggers purely create content, that’s not true. When it comes to creating a post on a certain topic, a lot of reading is needed to gather the necessary information. Plus, there’s also lots of media law books that, if you want to be an ethical blogger, you’ll need to read. So for success in this role, reading needs to be one of your passions.

Hopefully, one of these careers has caught your eye. However, it’s important to realize that there are also many other reading-based careers out there. So if these aren’t right for you, keep looking, and you’ll find your calling. There are so many amazing careers out there; there’s sure to be one that’s right for you.