As I am edging towards my 40 years old (shocking, I know!), I wonder will it be too late or will I be phased out of the employable age when I decide to rejoin the workforce.

Many countries do not regulate fair hiring practices and go as far as to allow discriminatory job ads.

Even Singapore, a country which is proud of racial harmony and zero tolerance for discrimination, has its fair share of difficulty monitoring what goes on behind the hiring door. Give it to them that they have set up an organisation called Tripartite Alliance for Fair and Progressive Employment Practices or in short TAFEP to open an outlet for people who felt they are discriminated to air their grievances. The truth is that it is pretty hard to bring errant employers down.

Let’s start with job ads, if you can’t advertise it right, forget about getting talents like me to join your company. It just reflects the small-minded of your company’s background and I am not quite sure I will fit into your petty culture especially if the job ad is placed by the HR and approved by the hiring manager.

Screen Shot 2017-07-23 at 1.45.46 PM.png

This job ad featured on an online classified job platform. It’s a tad confusing, isn’t it? 21 years old may apply so does students, retiree and housewives, however, the preferences will be given to those who aged 30 to 40s? If I can retire at my mid-30s, I don’t think I need this job at all.  To hit the most requirements, I need to be a Singaporean, 35 years old student or a housewife. Discrimination on both age and nationality.

Screen Shot 2017-07-23 at 1.45.35 PM.png

Next up, on the same Singapore job website, we find another mixed message job ad. It stated no prior experience needed as training will be provided and 21 years old with or without prior experience may apply, however, once again preferences are given to 35 – 40 years old (5 years age gap?!) with similar experience. Huh?

Screen Shot 2017-07-23 at 1.25.26 PM.png

This is from another online job platform, not in Singapore but in Malaysia. Here, the regulations of discrimination don’t matter so much as you can see from the ad itself. I know why only a Chinese and a female and someone who is age 18 – 26 can be a successful promoter for the company. You mean, a male caucasian who is over 30 years old can’t do the job as well? I’ll buy anything from Robert Pattinson (aged 31) or sell my soul to Chris Hemsworth (aged 33) anytime.

Screen Shot 2017-07-23 at 1.22.14 PM.png

Since the above job is with or without experience, why does it matter that the incumbent requires to be female indian and aged betweem 23 to 30 years old?

Screen Shot 2017-07-23 at 1.21.55 PM.png

Would you not buy a hot selling property at the fraction of its market value just because it is sold by a property executive that looks 50 years old? What the heck? I am buying a property, the agent doesn’t come with it and probably I will not see him again unless I want to sell or buy another property. So why does age matters?


I am omitting the details of the hiring employers because this is not a shame individual post but rather, to bring awareness that more has to be done to educate the employers, not just inflicting harsh laws or fines that hurt the pockets. Job ads are one thing, in the end, it is still up to the choice of the employer to pick a younger, prettier lady over a matured, experienced one and vice versa. What goes on behind the interview doors, who knows?

Do you have job hiring discrimination in your country? Are there laws to protect those who seek employment? Share with us right in the comments below.

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24 replies on “Fair Hiring Practices: Does This Even Exist In The Job Market?

  1. Over here, well in The Netherlands, these kinds of job descriptions are forbidden. As an company your aren’t allowed to ask if a woman is pregnant or has plans to become a mother. Recently, their is even a debate going on, weather to eliminate the name…so companies can’t decline based the last name. All to prohibit discrimination.

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      1. To be honest; racism/discrimination. Someone with an Arabian last name might be Muslim and therefor must be an terrorist. Not only ridiculous of course, but also very very sad.

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          1. I guess the whole world is going crazy with all the terror attacks, no doubt striking fear and uncertainty into people’s heart. Sigh!


  2. Great post. What my students and even I have run into is the “bait and switch”. In other words a you see a great employer posting and you apply. Then what happens next you get the interview and it’s basically for a different job or huge pieces have been omitted like young (21+) , five plus years of experience , must travel etc. I think I prefer the transparency of your adds at least you don’t waste your time applying.

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    1. Thank you. I hate those bait and switch, I have even encountered that in freelancing platforms where clients advertise one thing but during conversations, they wants 100 things on the same rate and time frame.

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    1. I don’t like putting my photo in my resume. I think everyone has some discrimination in their hearts and that’s why first impressions count so much. I rather their first impression of me is face to face than a mere photograph.


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