Although I don’t live in Singapore, I’m very much a patriot (even though I do bash my country every now and then..oops..). 

I’m very appreciative of what my country offers: stability, low unemployment rate, safety among many others that I may have taken for granted. I may not like the stressful environment and the rat race Singapore has but I am assured that she is constantly making changes to improve that. 

Setting up businesses in Singapore is very attractive with its high stability, low political changes, efficiency and friendly tax breaks. In turn, creating new jobs within the country. I’d say in exchange of high operation costs, Singapore is still very much the country to do business in and with. 

I am grateful that my country has given countless of opportunities to me. Equal opportunity employment regardless of race, language, religion and sexes. Not deprive of jobs just because I’m not of a certain race or because I’m female. And hopefully, I can say that I am not deprived of equal job opportunity due to age when I decided that I had enough of freelancing and go back to regular workforce one day.

Nevertheless, happy birthday Singapore! 

30 replies on “Singapore’s National Day

  1. Great Country! During my visit to Singapore I noticed everything appeared absolutely “under control”… so different compared to my Country (Italy) where people always do whatever they want (even without respecting rules) and the final result is extreme freedom or, depending on the point of view, just a big mess!
    Bye 🙂

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    1. Haha …The Lebanese are also thus way on the other side of the Mediterranean sea but Italy is like Lebanon know for its arts , ancient rich culture , fashion , design , good cuisine, opera or music and moderate climate …

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  2. I am not into Political Correctness, and I may say that you are a Valued Patriot. To love your country and to feel comfortable in criticizing that which you disagree, is what make a great country. You have many deep convictions and all of them have aided in your position. I will always be in support of all your endeavors. Great post.

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  3. Congratulations on “choosing” to be born in Singapore, Kally!

    By the way, patriotism and criticism aren’t exclusive. You love your country, but still think of ways it can be even better. Sounds like a devoted parent/child to me.

    Way to go, Singapore, exerting influence and appeal far beyond your size. Featherweight in name only.

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