Whisper: The Thing that Destroy My Social Life and Almost Kill my Career

*As told to Kally by someone who wishes to remain anonymous

I am sure that everyone knows or at least heard about the terrible craze Pokémon Go. Yes, this article is about how this fad destroys my social life completely and left me barely jobless.

I used to be kinda of a party animal, or I like to think of myself as one. My calendar is always jammed pack and I’ll have a date on every Friday night. My girls and I will be all dolled up on Saturday, in spiky black heels and squeeze ourselves into tiny dresses while cursing the amount we ate during lunch, getting ready to bobbed our heads to the most happening nightclub or crashing into someone’s birthday party. It is probably the end of the world if you caught me snoozing on my couch at 1am in the morning. It has never happened since I graduated. Until…

Screen Shot 2015-12-17 at 4.26.00 PM

I’m a hardworking career girl, that I am very proud to declare. I mean I play hard but I work even harder. I graduated with good grades in mass communications and I was pretty lucky to land myself into one of the more prestigious advertising firms in Sydney. I slogged at all hours during the week, sometimes sacrificing sleep for deadlines. I was a junior advertising assistant, working alongside with one of the biggest brands in the market, serving clients’ needs. I’m aiming for a copywriter part and that department head asked me out for lunch once a month. I got a good thing going on for me. Until…

Someone I was dating on and off, introduced Pokémon Go to me. I wasn’t a big fan of games. Sure, I have one or two game app on my iPhone, but those were to pass time while I’m waiting for the subway or stuck in the toilet. Nothing I can’t put my iPhone down for. In fact, I am more obsessed with my Facebook than any other app on my mobile. How wrong I was.

In just a few days, I was hooked. The on and off guy that introduced me to the game became my best buddy. Oh scratch that, he became my only buddy. We went monster hunting together, days and nights, any free time we have. I started to make excuses to my girlfriends for not coming out on Saturday nights when all I wanted to do is to walk in circles at the park in the middle of the night. Soon, the social calls stopped and I stopped updating my Facebook account for a month. I even forgot I had promised to bring my lil sister around Sydney when she came by for a week long visit. She was so upset she stopped talking to me (still!).


I begin to lose interest in myself including my work. It was easy for the on and off guy who was a professional bummer and live off his parents but the late nights took a toll on me. I kept getting in late for work and taking sick leave so I can join him and his friends to go somewhere further to search for special monsters. The position of junior copywriter came and went under my nose to someone even newer in the company than I am. I had my fair share of warnings to “buck up or else” from my boss.

It was when the copywriting departmental head sat me down in one of our monthly luncheons and gave me one of my longest talk in life that I realised that I’m on the brink of losing my job. It is insane that I have devoted all my time to a game, enough to throw away a career that I had been pursuing so hard for. That very same evening I deleted the app and closed the account.

It has been nearly 3 months since I have first downloaded the app and I am still mending my social life with my friends while putting in extra effort at my work. I know how I had let a crazy fad whirlwind into my life and fads do come and go. It is not the app’s fault, just me, not knowing when to stop and not realising I am obsessed, that I needed help. I have since learnt to draw a line at certain limitations and there are more important priorities in life than catching a rare Mewtwo.

*As told to Kally by someone who wishes to remain anonymous

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  1. Such story is no coincidence, because a lot of apps or virtual reality games are designed in a manner which supports such kind of addiction because they are making use of latest insights by behavioural psychology and/or brain-research. So take care.


    1. Kally says:

      I think when one let any addiction run the big chunk of their lives, it is dangerous. Whether it is an app, game, alcohol or drugs.

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  2. purplebutterfly964 says:

    Shout out today


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