7 Important Things to Consider When Designing Your Blog

Are you planning to start a blog for your business or your brand? Starting a blog is not as easy as it looks because your blog’s design must stand out from your competition. When people see your blog, they must immediately think you are a brand they can trust, and you are offering something new….

Writing To Get The Point Across (Or In The Face)

Many times, we blog over our feelings and quirky incidents that happens day by day. Our words flow off our fingers (or thumbs in my case since I write on my iPhone) like melted ice cream off the waffle cone.

Talking Passion With A Photojournalist

Ever wonder what is the difference between a photographer and a photojournalist? Or maybe you are looking into turning your photography skills into something serious for a career.

How To Balance Between Freelancing & Mommyhood

If you recall, recently I have a reader that wrote to me regarding balancing my time between freelancing and motherhood. Although I might have address that during my email to her, I felt it might not be detailed enough. So here it is, a more detailed list on how I manage to spend quality time…

7 Signs Your Work is Ruining Your Life

Sigh! This topic is close to my heart. I am still very much a workaholic even though I no longer work in a corporation but on my own now. Sometimes, I think it might be even worse, running my own business that I have given a slip once or twice to allow my work take…