Why Are Video Conferences So Exhausting and What You Can Do About it

Video conferencing are not new. It have been around for some time. Even though meeting through videos can never be as good as meeting up in real life, it is a necessity. Not only it save companies thousands of money to do video meetings instead of flying out their employees, it also better for the…

My Unnecessary Distractions (Besides The Bed…)

As you know I’m a freelancer, so income will somewhat depend on how efficient I work on my projects. Although I’m not a big fan of procrastination but as a mommy, I tend to find excuses for myself to prolong the time to start work.

How to Find A Conducive Working Environment Outside of Your Office

While I only work within the confine of my study, I love to write my own articles on the WordPress app when I am outside. Sometimes even bringing my baby in her stroller while I typed words away on my iPhone and sipping my Green Tea (like what I am doing right now).

7 Signs Your Work is Ruining Your Life

Sigh! This topic is close to my heart. I am still very much a workaholic even though I no longer work in a corporation but on my own now. Sometimes, I think it might be even worse, running my own business that I have given a slip once or twice to allow my work take…

14 Life Hacks that Made my Life Easier as a Freelancer (Part 1)

It’s been awhile since I wrote about freelancing. It is a subject that is dear and close to my heart since I have been doing it for nearly 2 years now and I have tremendous success as a freelancer. I definitely have evolved from a mere writer to someone who wears plenty of hats and…