Whether you are an employee or a freelancer, even if you are a boss, it is important to reward yourself as you attain certain milestones in your career. Make it more than a pat on the back, go out and treat yourself to something nice or get something you always wanted. That is why most companies have end-year bonuses for employees to splurge a little on themselves after a year of hard work and effort.

Whether it is a big purchase or a tiny perk, you deserve it. Here are some guiltless pleasures that my colleagues and friends indulge themselves with.


Janet, 23 Accounts Assistant
At the end of each quarter, we will spend two weeks going through the books, pouring endless overtime like there’s no tomorrow. I always console myself with the fact that the moment we closed the accounts, I’m going to book myself with a 2 hours spa for the weekend!

Tony, 45 Banker
I worked a lot of odd hours and weekends as I service different continents. That sometimes put a strain on family time with my kids and wife. I have seen too much divorce in my line of work so I make it a point to reward myself and my family to take them on a 2 weeks holiday every end of the year, work-free and I leave my laptop and work mobile in the office. 

Ryannie, 33 Music Teacher
I love my work and I don’t find it stressful but sometimes I like to gift myself a new blouse or a new skirt especially when I had a tough week, just something to cheer me up and lift my mood.


Tobias, 26 Retail Associate
I love it that my colleagues together with the store leader will hang out on every Friday night at our local bar. We’ll drink, chat about work, shoot some pool and crack some jokes. I’m saving most of my salary for a new apartment so this is a tiny indulgence for me to look forward to at every week.

Felicity, 29 Project Manager
I take on big projects that sometimes last for months. After every end of a project, when my commission comes in, I will pamper myself with a new handbag or a pair of swanky new heels. It makes me feel good about myself and push myself to work harder.

Paul, 50, Senior Customer Relations VP
I work with some of the toughest clients in my company and sometimes their demands do get me huffing and puffing. A lot of the times, I had to swallow my pride and look past it. I remembered last year I had a really tough nut to crack and after that case, I reward myself by booking myself an impromptu golf retreat for the weekend just to escape.

melvin and Kally - photography by Annabel Law Productions (427 of 838) copy

Michelle, 47 Legal Secretary
My boss is someone who is difficult to work with, she is fair and just, not abusive or anything like that but her standards are really high. She is a Virgo and a perfectionist too! Once in a while, I like to reward myself with a manicure or a haircut at one of the prestigious places and once she even joins me in my indulgence too!

Garett, 30 IT Recruiter
Last year, I surpassed my target and impressed the hell out of my bosses so much that I got a promotion and a pretty decent pay increment. To earmark my achievement, I went ahead and bought myself a preowned car. A model that I wanted for the longest time and it’s my first car too.

As L’Oréal likes to put it, “You are Worth It!”

So what is your indulgence? Share with us right down below.

17 replies on “Always Remember to Reward Yourself

  1. So very true! If you work in London City it’s work work work work. After a busy period, I like to take a short trip to a random city overseas. This year it has been mostly European cities, which are surprisingly cheap if you plan ahead!

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      1. Oh no, unfortunately the low exchange hurts me because it’s happening the other way round due to Brexit. I’m from the UK so I get less Euros per Sterling than I used to.


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