39 replies on “Learning from Others’ Mistakes: Humorous Branding Fails and Important Takeaways By: Carole Mancuso

  1. The Burger King is nightmare fuel, but they kept him around for a long time! They even made a video game about him! That haunting image might have been marketing genius…

    Funny post that contains some useful information! But to be serious for just a second, I think it’s easy to learn from the mistakes of others; I find it difficult to learn from one’s own mistakes, because they derive from one’s own character, and conquering one’s foibles is hard work.

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    1. Good sharing, Tiege. I never understand why they keep Ronald McDonald either. He gives me the creeps especially when I was young and my parents force me to stand next to him so they can take a pic of him and me. I don’t even like McDonald that much!

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  2. Not too sure that the Alcoholism sign was misplaced? Maybe the winery’s was!
    At least the Starbucks truck told the truth when parked! 😉
    But, sadly, the Chinese KFC sign may be a thing of the past, since the CCP instituted a department specifically to investigate and correct language miscommunication prior to the Beijing Olympics. Many of us were sad to see the hilarity disappear, but one of the best Chinese traits is their efficiency! 🙂
    Cool post!

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  3. Yes MaKinG
    Money Means
    Living These Days
    And Original
    Creativity are
    Oxymoron Friends

    To Be Free…

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    To Be Wind
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    For it’s True
    Winds Fly Birds

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  4. Greetings Kally, If I recall correctly Sony was originally going to be branded as “Sonny Boy” due to the close link to the word “Sonus” and it sounded like what the Japanese thought Americans were calling each other in jovial chat (Hi there sonny!). Fortunately they (Sony) dropped one of the letters from the name and we got the Sony brand. Imagine Peter Quill (in Guardians of the Galaxy) listening to his Sonny Walkboy!
    But even I have branding issues, if anyone were to do a Google search (or use your preferred search engine) for info on “For Tyeth” you get asked “Do you mean FOR TEETH?” and a whole load of links for dental products show up!
    Great post and some really amusing pictures. Thanks.

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    1. Better dental products than something inappropriate. Lol! And yes, I’m a fan of Guardians of the Galaxy. Totally love that scene where he was grooving to the songs on his walkman.

      Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us in your comment.

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      1. Hello again, and thank you for a great read. You might just be able to tell from my avatar I am a fan of Star Wars and lightsabers but I also design sabers myself and have a few GOTG inspired hilts you may like to see. So if you’ll excuse the blatant plug for my site I’ll leave a link for you to check them out:


        There is a Peter Quill inspired hilt at the bottom of the archive ok! Thanks again and stay safe. (I will call back and check out your future posts)


  5. Oh, these are hilarious, Kally! I laughed aloud at so many of them, which is no mean feat.

    The Burger King examples are particularly funny. I can’t believe “The King’s” creepiness has spread far and wide. Then again, the ad campaign is so awful, so cringe-worthy, why shouldn’t it acquire universal revulsion?

    Burger King has become infamous for its long string of advertising failures, going back way before “The King.”

    Still, the latest example is the worst. For a long time BK ran an ad here in the US in which a lumberjack cut down a tree, and when it fell, the King was standing there. The rest of the ad consisted of the King and the lumberjack staring at each without commenting, both with a grin frozen on his face.

    What the h***?

    Just what are they trying to say here? BK paid hundred of thousands, perhaps millions, for this?

    Well, good news, Kally – if you ever are looking for a job, I’m sure Burger King’s Vice President of Marketing has been open, off-and-on, for decades now.


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