A Word Of Advice: Covid Phobia

Hello Kally, I have heard of your website from another friend. Your website is very astute and gives real advice without the long list of big words and equally big numbers. Many of your articles are clean and cut to the chase. With that in mind, I hope you are able to shed some light…

10 Sure-Fire Tips to Work Productively At Home

With almost everywhere still on a standstill and everyone still stuck indoor, I thought I should share some of my secrets to stay productive when working at home. I have been a freelancer since 2015 and my kid is always with me at home. I always have managed to get my work done before the…

3 Benefits of Mentoring Software

Mentoring software is the game-changing solution that both small and large businesses all over the world are talking about. Mentoring as a whole can boost company culture and productivity in various ways, but not all businesses in the corporate realm are currently aware of the positive impacts that investing in revolutionary mentoring software can bring….

Accountancy: What Can You Specialise In?

Accountancy is a very appealing career for many reasons, one of which is the large variety of different specialisms you can choose from. Not only does this field prove critics wrong by encompassing far more problem solving, investigative, and analytical skills than mathematical, but it also has branches to suit almost every kind of personality….