During the pandemic, many businesses have to cut costs in order to survive. Even right now, with Asia slowly recovering towards normalcy, some businesses are barely keeping their heads above the water.

Many of them are turning towards freelancers right now to fill up the gaps because you don’t have to spend a lot of and time money to find the best talent. And the best part, you do not have to commit to any benefits. However, with the freedom freelancing can give to workers who are no longer happy with a 9-to-5 job, it can be quite a challenge to find the best one from the bunch.

Fortunately, there are several notable sites where you can find the best freelancers and not have to worry about their credentials. If you want to hire one for your business, here are the websites I recommend:


Fiverr is one of the best websites for employers who want to hire them for a fixed rate. This ensures that they don’t accumulate a high bill when a project suddenly takes a long time to finish. From graphic artists to anyone you need, you can find it at Fiverr.

The site also offers top customer support, easy billing options if you will hire more than one freelancer, and team transparency.

In fact, I use Fiverr to find a logo designer to design MiddleMe’s logo.

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Upwork has a large number of freelancers in its roster who can be perfect for your needs as some have specialties you can’t find anywhere else.

Once you post a job, freelancers can apply for the job and give you their rates for the project. You can review these applications and pick the best one for your needs.

Upwork offers 4 different pricing options which will help you manage your freelancers in the site and payments.

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Like Upwork, Guru allows employers to post a job ad on the site where freelancers can give their quote for the project. The employers will then choose the best quote for their preferences and contact the freelancer in the process.

Guru also offers employers four payment options which they can pick when paying their freelancers: payment by task, by hour, by milestone and by recurring payments.


If you want to find the perfect freelancer for your needs, Truelancer will give you the chance to filter your search results.

You can even call for the perfect freelancer by hosting a contest that will show to you which one will match your needs. These contests can be posted for free and inspire freelancers to respond quickly to help businesses find the perfect freelancer.


Freelancer.com also has a large community of freelancers who specialize in various disciplines ready to help businesses with the tasks they have.

Employers can check the profile of these freelancers to see their portfolio, track their progress and also reach out to the customer support team if there are problems.

Traditional Websites

The traditional websites such as Indeed.com, Monster.com and Jobstreet do attract freelancers by and huge to their websites. However, as they are known to have higher percentage of permanent jobs over contact gigs, you will receive a dynamic mix of different applicants.

While casting a wider net is sometimes good if your job is a niche one, you may end up spending a lot of time and effort trying to sieve through the haystack to find the needle.


In today’s working environment, it is not difficult to find freelancers who can be of great help to your company. But, if you are going to use one of the sites I listed above, make sure to review all the freelancers who will apply for your job ads to see if they really have what it takes to help you. Check their works and test them if you can. Once you find the right freelancer, make sure that you treat them fairly so they will do their best in giving you the perfect project!

If you are having problems finding the right candidate, speak to me today! I specialised in recruiting freelancers to suit your needs, wants and budget.

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31 replies on “Best Websites for Hiring Freelancers

  1. seems many of the platforms are not accepting newbies now a days’.

    Moreover, it is highly difficult to get a grip in fiver, Guru etc. But anyhow a timely article.


    NB: you seems to be a very old blogger in WP. I am followig you. Appreciate if you could make a visit to my blog too.

    Thanks in Advance

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Due to the pandemic that render many people jobless or turn to remote working, the freelancing platforms are overwhelm with application. Try starting off with Upwork, I know they are still accepting new applications in certain areas.

      For Fiverr, you need to stand out in the market. There are tons of writers out there, so what will make you special and stand out from others? This will give you an edge over others and easily get clients who are looking at your niche.

      🙂 I’ll drop by your blog now.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Thanks for the reply. This panademic made many people in a situation that many of us can even imagine.

        Thanks for the tips. Any idea about Affiliate marketing?

        Have a nice day..


        1. On affiliate marketing, you can check out my post here https://middleme.net/2019/08/21/how-to-make-money-with-your-blog-in-2019/.

          The easiest route is go through programs like Amazon but you only get paid if someone buys a product through the link in your website. This means your website have to be big on product reviews.

          Another way is to make money off ads but for you to do that you need a certain number of followers and views per day for companies to be willing to pay you.


    1. Awww.. thank you so much for the trust in me, Patrick. Just like I always trust in your wisdom and judgement. Have a wonderful peaceful Sunday, mu dear friend.


  2. This is an interesting post, Kally. I like how you talked about what each freelance website can offer, and some can indeed be more tailored to certain freelancers and employers. I do feel freelance jobs are on the decline these days because of what’s going on in the world. A lot of Instagram and YouTubers I follow who are also freelancers have mentioned many of their jobs have been cancelled for the unforseeable future. I am guessing marketing and advertising jobs aren’t the most popular right now. However perhaps other fields are looking for freelancers as they could be the more affordable option (payment per job) rather than hiring someone permanently for the long term.

    Hope you are staying well and safe.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hey Mabel. All is well here. Yes, freelancing jobs for marketing and writing are on a decline. I see it as a positive option to let me rest and recuperate. This period also allow me to allow for longer period.

      I do know that many companies are looking at outsourcing their operations to freelancers so if fixed hours isn’t a problem then I would have jump to customer service operation.

      Thank you for sharing your insight. Is everything well over your end?


      1. That is good you are getting some rest. Freelancing can be hectic with tight deadlines. But some companies can see freelancers as affordable and valuable in these times for some industries.

        Everything is okay here. Things do seem to be getting worse in Australia though. Just staying at home as much as possible until this all blows over.


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