41 replies on “Weekly Wisdom 28 July

    1. This is why it is advised not to overthink but be present in the moment and aware …
      Einstein advises humanity to have the intuitive mind as the master or the guidance system or instruction system to thd rational mind .
      Intuition is in-tuition or inner guidance system inspires you more than your rational mind can analyze or think …

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      1. New Job is awesome 😍 Before proving my work I wanted to be an example of how to be productive and manage time at same time, this company highly lag in time management issues πŸ˜‚. All indian companies does. I can’t teach them, Hope I can make some changes at least with my team 😊

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        1. Ah always start small and don’t give up, Simon. Little by little, you can inspire changes. If you can inspire someone to inspire someone to inspire someone then the change will come slowly but inevitably. 😊

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