Social media influencers are now becoming the most popular means for companies to market their products and services. When a social media user sees their news feed, these influencers’ post will be in it. They even offer promo codes to get people to try the products themselves.

Considering that they are growing in number, how much do influencers make? Can it be a stable job for you to do?

How Much Do Influencers Get?

Just like freelancers, influencers do not have an “average salary range” for their services. There are actually influencers that are very poor, while others can afford luxury goods.

An influencer can charge their “clients” based on their reach or the number of their followers. In the estimate of social marketing agency Get Kobe, influencers in Singapore usually have these rates:


2,000 to 10,000 followers – $75 – $250 per post

10,000 to 50,000 followers – $250 – $500 per post

50,000 to 100,000 followers – $500 – $1,000 per post

100,000 and above – $1,000 – $ 3,000 per post


50,000 to 100,000 followers – $250-$500 per video

100,000 to 500,000 followers – $500 – $1000 per video

500,000 and above – $1,000 to $5,000+ per video

These rates also shot up if the influencer is connected with the company. Influencers are also required to pay their tax liabilities as most government tax agencies consider the payments from influencer services as a valid source of income.

How can influencers make money?

Aside from the usual photos and the number of followers, influencers also use other means to earn money. Here are some of them:

Sponsored Content

Sponsored content is the best way influencers make their salary. Advertisers will send freebies to influencers for them to review and pay them to do so. Influencers will then need to review them in their preferred medium and pose with the products.


For bloggers and vloggers, ads are another way to get money. They simply have to add an advertisement in an an unpaid content.

Payment for this channel varies. Some pay based on how many people clicked the ad, while others pay if the clicks were successful.

Affiliate Links

For influencers doing product reviews, this is the usual means they get funds. For this instance, when you see a product reviewed, you can click on the product link for that product in the influencer’s page. When you get to the link, the influencer gets paid for directing you to the product page.


There are instances that influencers get a long-term endorsement contract. The influencer will need to use the product in a lot of their content and not mention the product’s competitors.


For influencers who have made a lot of money already, they can become entrepreneurs and start their own brand. Since their name is attached to the brand, their products are sure to sell out.

Subscription fees

Finally, international influencers charge their followers with premium content. If subscribers pay extra, they will be able to get this content.

In Other Words

The life of an influencer does sound amazing considering the rates they have. However, not all can be successful in the industry.

Successful influencers spent a lot of time and effort in creating their persona and to mingle with their followers. Sometimes one perfect Instagram post takes the entire day to prepare and shoot. Some influencers will take up 5 to 8 hours a day to reply comments or answer fan’s emails. Yes, it is almost like a full time job except that they work mostly from home.

And even the influencers themselves can tell you that it is not all glamourous. You get judged, you get negative reviews, you get hounded by keyboard warriors. You worried that you can’t please anyone yet worried that you please everyone too much.

Most of all, there is a constant worry that one day you will be replaced by someone juicer than you are and it is not irrational because of the fast pace that internet trends comes and goes.

Guess what? It is almost being like a Hollywood star except you don’t get paid as much.

If you are considering on becoming one, research and see if you will be able to handle it.

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34 replies on “How Much Do Social Media Influencers Get Paid?

          1. Thank you . Though some say do the job that fills your soul and spirit with joy and that aligns with your purpose and values. Example , God bless Patrick Nogwi who has become wealthy first by installing solar panels on rooftops in Tanzania especially in rural areas of East Africa. He has become a public speaker in the world in the United nations or UN especially concerning environment because he loves what he has been doing and adds value to others …

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          2. Yes, that is what I advocate too. I believe that one can better make use of their time to fulfill a certain purpose in life or to follow their dreams. Life is so short!

            Liked by 1 person

  1. Social media influencers are very crucial to variety of companies because they have abilities to make brands trend and companies do pay them lot of money but it might be a once off thing so the money is there but those social media influencers always worries about what’s next…

    Liked by 4 people

    1. That’s very true. I can’t see myself as a social media influencers. It’s not about the stress of the money but the stress of being famous (and not being dressed in my pj and do grocery shopping).

      Liked by 2 people

  2. I would love to see how religions and eastern philosophies there in East Asia look at reincarnation and the evolution of consciousness through frequent life spans …
    Some branches of Islam and Christianity believe in reincarnation…

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  3. No doubt, influencing can be lucrative, and for a fortunate few it is, but it’s uncommon.

    Effective influencers are stylish, trendy and attractive enough to look down on the rest of us from society’s pinnacles. Naturally, brands are keen to be associated with such people.

    Me, on the other hand…not so much. Of course, maybe companies will pay me to “influence” for their competitors’ brands. “Man, their sales just plummeted!”

    Congratulate me – I just discovered a way to make this whole “influencing” thing work!

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