When you are looking for a job, you shouldn’t just look for one that pays well. You should look for one that will satisfy you every day. If you are an animal lover, jobs that involves taking care of animals is the way to go.

But, which animal-related jobs will give you the salary you are looking for and the chance to bond with all kinds of animals?

Here are some of the best jobs you can do if you are an animal lover:

Veterinary & Veterinary Assistant

Are you capable of doing veterinarian jobs under pressure while supporting worried owners about their pet’s condition?

If that’s a yes, being a veterinary assistant is a job you should consider. They are usually the ones who handle calls for the vet, sort out emergencies and handle everything in the clinic.

If you want to be a veterinarian yourself, this is a great way to learn how it works.

Think Harder: I love babies but I will never be able to become a gynaecologist or a paediatrician because as much as I love to care and protect a newborn, I couldn’t stand the death of a child. It will break me. Same goes for being a Vet or a Veterinary Assistant, you need to be able to face the prospect that someone’s best friend may pass away in front of your eyes.

Dog Walker

If you like to stay in shape and love dogs, you can check out being a dog walker. As the name implies, you will take dogs out and walk them around.

While the job sounds simple, you will need to show you are able to control dogs of all shapes, sizes and behaviours. To get you started, why not walk your friends’ or neighbours’ dogs out?

Think Harder: It is a responsibility on you to be on time to walk the dogs, take care of them when you are outside (not scrolling through your Facebook) and come rain or shine, be able to walk through a few blocks under hot sun or in heavy rain.

Pet Trainer

Do you want to train exotic animals and even calm them down with a few actions? Being a pet trainer is the career to pick. In this profession, you get to work with a variety of animals and learn how they behave.

Think Harder: They are not your pets. Even when you bond with them, you will need to learn to let go to their owners at the end of each session.

Horseback riding teacher

If you love riding horses and know a few tricks while riding them, you may be able to get a job as a horseback riding teacher.

This job is physically demanding because you have to handle large horses and stay seated for a long time. However, it will give you a chance to work with different horse breeds.

To be a licensed horseback riding teacher, you will need to get qualifications from horse riding institutions. 

Think Harder: I did mention physically demanding earlier but do you know that you will also be at a higher risk of accidents than a dog walker?

Pet photographer

Got some skills in photography? Why not combine your love for animals with it and become a pet photographer? All you need for this job is the skills, the right camera, skills in using Adobe Photoshop and ah… yes, a lot of patience.

Learning how to pacify animals while posing is a plus as well since as we all know, pets can be playful when in a new place.

Think Harder: Like all the photography jobs, one man’s rubbish may be one man’s gold. You will be subjected to your clients aka the pet owners critic of your results. After all, art is in the eye of the beholder. Not to mention, it can be quite difficult to get a cat to sit still. Be careful of those claws!


If you want to learn more about animals, being a zoologist can be a job you can work on. As a zoologist, you get to understand how certain species develop and help protect their numbers through science. You will need at least a specialised degree to become qualified as a zoologist.

Think Harder: You don’t get to choose the kind of animal you work with unless you have prior experience with that particular animal. You probably will be assigned to the easier animals in your first few years on the job, like hogs, otters or sloths. Not as glam as handling a ferocious tiger or a cute penguin, huh?


Sometimes, it can be difficult to find the job that will let us enjoy what we love doing the most. However, if you know where to look, it will make things exciting to pursue.

With these jobs we cited above, we know that you will not just get to enjoy being with animals, but it will also help you get that satisfaction from work.

Well, I think dealing with animals is much easier than dealing with humans! Do you agree? Share with us in the comments below.

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  1. Great info. There are many ways to satisfy your urges concerning animals. You have hit upon a number of great opportunities for those who fit the territory. One career that many do not think about is Horse-Shoeing. The craft is a necessary art and wonderful trade. It is hard work and will be mentally and financially satisfying. Great post.

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