There are a lot of articles out there, inspiring us and teaching us to be appreciative of being alive, being loved and being healthy. What I would like to do today being the 1st of February is to divert away from being appreciative focusing on life itself and concentrate on your work life. I know your job is not everything to you, however, you spend a quarter of your day at work, isn’t that enough to make you want to make that quarter better?


Let me start first, you can join in and share what your happiness in a workplace at the comments below.

Happiness in a workplace is…

When I get appreciated of the little things I do at work

When I receive a ‘Good Job!’ email from my boss

When my colleague remembers that I drink tea not coffee

When I get to work early enough for breakfast with my coworkers


When I solve a particularly difficult problem and I owned the rights to punch the air with my fist and yell ‘Yeah!”

When I see someone gets praised publicly in front of others

When my peers approach me to pick my brain for ideas

When my ideas turned from a mere thought process to a successful launch

When my team volunteer to stay back at work to help me complete my work

When I use facts and figures to shut the management’s mouth (major ego booster!!)

When everyone said it’s impossible to reach that target and we did

When every one of my team turns up for company’s outing because we want to


When I enjoy my colleagues’ company so much they become my friends off work

When I completed a huge and difficult project on time and beyond management’s expectations

When customers asked to speak to the manager (me) to compliment my teammates

When customers called in and proposition me to work for them (another major ego booster!! Haha!)

When my boss says he has faith in me in conquering a seemly impossible situation and I proved him right

When I tried to reason out and my boss says ‘Shut up and do whatever you want because I trust you.’

When someone comes up to me and give me a big hug for inspiring him or her

When my team cried as I told them I’m relocating


When someone I don’t know comes up to me and said he or she has heard of my good work and gave me a thumbs up

I know I’m not in the corporate world and as I recalled these happy instances, I smile. What about you? What makes you smile in your workplace? What is happiness in the workplace for you? Share with us in the below comments.

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53 replies on “Recap Your Happiness

  1. Happiness at work is when I’ve helped take the edge off someone’s suffering-even for a moment.
    OR put a genuine smile on just one person’s face
    OR managed to provide encouragement and reassurance to someone who desperately needed it.
    Great post, Cheers Nicole

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  2. This is really great, Kally. What makes me happy in my workplace is working with in a team where minds are on the same page about their targets and they push themselves together to achieve it. While doing so, they also enjoy each other’s company and motivates each other.

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  3. Every bit of this post made me smile, especially reaching impossible goals. I had a logistics issue once that was so seemingly insurmountable that no one expected me to achieve it. When I did, one of the upper management said, “I was told you had a monster on your hands!” He actually looked frightened, which made me laugh. I said, ” I AM the monster!” Really great inspiring post, Kally!

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    1. Hahaha!! Aww.. Thanks for letting me know you love this post and most importantly, it made you smile.
      It must be an awesome moment when you said you are the monster to your management!

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  4. Great variety in your workplace happiness reflections!! And for me – it is pure joy to have the sense of really being valued and feeling like a unique part of the work family that is not easily replaceable – you know – feeling valued and also valuing being there – ๐ŸŒท

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    1. Thank you, Malaika! There are a lot of blogs and websites out there to teach you on how to enjoy life but many seems to forget that a quarter of our lives are stuck behind the desk, being miserable and that to me is very sad.

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