If you are a new graduate hoping to look for a job, you should immediately jump to a job offer. Even if you believe the company is good and the offer is irresistible, the company may not be the right company for you. If you accepted it, it may affect your passion for your chosen career and stop you from succeeding in life.

So, which companies should you avoid as you try to find your dream job? These 7 types of companies should be the ones to avoid:

  1. High Turnover Companies

At first glance, this company may appeal to those who are looking for management and leadership positions. They always have job openings for these jobs every six months and the pay is also good.

But, if they always have openings for these key positions, it means they are always hiring and firing candidates regularly. Their work environment may also be very bad, disabling talents from remaining in the company.


  1. Companies with Clashing Cultures

If you get a job offer from a company, but they fail to give you answers, it is a sign that the company does not allow workers to speak out. You may also want to stray away from companies who consider overtime and weekend assignments as a normal habit.

These companies only foster poor work conditions and disable productivity in workers.

  1. Glamorous on the Outside but Plain on the Inside Companies

If a company has A+ marketing and advertisement, you may think that they have good facilities for workers to use and enjoy. But, one should not judge a book by its cover because these companies may only look good outside, but not inside.

These companies may not have impressive facilities or equipment to use. Make it a point to make office visits to see if they are what they say.

  1. Executive-Heavy Businesses

Employee satisfaction is often achieved with the help of good culture, work values, job opportunities and good leadership.

But, if a company has too many executives and has a few workforces, it may be lead to employees having to do most of the work themselves.


  1. Promise Breaker

To get the best talents, companies are now offering vast and competitive compensation packets to entice workers to sign up.

They also promise a good work environment and a company that they can trust. But, promises can be broken and companies are not exempt from this rule.

Check what the current employees are saying about the company before you consider signing up for them.

  1. Stagnating Companies

If you find your dream job in your dream company and get the offer, you should not celebrate immediately. Some companies may look great at first but the longer you work for them, you may realize that there is no room for improvement.

As a result, your passion for the job will be affected and you may go look for another job in less than a year. See what opportunities are available when you sign up for the company.

  1. Wandering Ship

Some companies may find themselves going in circles because they do not have a clear goal. Because of this, when they hit a major challenge, they could fold immediately.

If the hiring team fails to tell you where the company is going, it should give you a clue that this company is not the right one for you.

When you get an offer, always make it a point to research the company offering them. Remember, your career is at stake so the company you should sign up must help you grow. Choose carefully!

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2 replies on “7 Types of Companies You Should Never Work For

  1. Your last paragraph sums it up. I would say a lot of this cab be avoided by asking the hiring manager for a tour, research a company mission and goals and getting everything in writing…


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