Top Job Sites to Hunt Down Your Dream Job

Back in the olden days when the internet was still an idea, applying for a job takes time, money and a lot of effort. You need to visit the office you like to work for in person no matter where it is with your resume and cover letter.

Today, there are a lot of job sites online which reduces the time, money and effort job seekers need to land their dream job. These job sites come in various types, varying on what jobs they list down and what other services they have.


But, with the number of job sites online, which one should you start off first?

Here below are five of the best job sites you should check if you are looking for a new job:

If you are looking for a comprehensive list of available jobs in the market, is the place to be.

The site consolidates all the job listings from various sites alongside the listings posted in the site. It also allows job seekers to check out which jobs are offered based on their location.

I do a lot of recruitment here on behalf of my clients so this is really a go-to site if you want a job fast. is another great site every job seeker should look into. The site offers a vast listing of all the available job listings worldwide and applies directly. If you are looking at working abroad, this is the site to search for your overseas dream job.

The site also offers a chance for job seekers to check out the companies and the salary offered for each job listing.

For those who need some expert career advice, the site comes with a special section filled with resources job seekers can check out. I usually go to this site for ideas and inspirations as well.



If you want a job site that can adjust to your job search and help you pick the right company to sign up with, Glassdoor is your bet.

The site regularly updates its job listings every day and even shows reviews about the employer to help job seekers decide. They also have a mobile app so you can search while on the go.

The beauty of Glassdoor is that employees or interview candidates like to leave reviews on their experiences here. So you will be well-prepared or adjust your expectations when it comes to the working environment, compensation and career advancement in your future company before you send in your applications.


For many, LinkedIn is a social media site for professionals to expand their network and meet new people within their career industry. But, LinkedIn also has its own job listing portal which users can browse and apply for.

Many high profile companies list new jobs through the site and check the network regularly for potential talent.

This is the best site for networking opportunities. Even you don’t get called in for an interview, you get an idea who is behind the hiring and you can look through staff in the similar positions in your dream company so you know their hiring expectations.

14086855402_3c2a80547d_b is a pioneer when it comes to helping job seekers land their dream career.

They have been in the industry for 20 years and its website is regularly updated, reaching up to 3 million job listings per month. You can also apply for international jobs through the site because of its comprehensive listing. Aside from linking job seekers to new job opportunities, it also has a section filled with career resources.


When looking for a job that would kickstart your career, don’t just focus on registering in just one job site listed above. Make most of these websites because who knows, they may have listings you haven’t seen in other sites. It is even possible one of them can lead you to your dream job.

Want to land on your dream job in 2019? Here are some tips to help you:

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