Are you a ghostwriter? I am partially one.

For some clients, I write under my own name and for some, they requested me to write anonymously. Yes, that’s what ghostwriting is. It is to write anonymously without claiming credit for yourself.

Once the article is paid by the client, you no longer retain any rights to the article. This means you don’t have boasting rights as well aka no, you can’t put that job on your resume.

Pros Of Ghostwriting

Your Reputation Is Clear

Being a writer and having an article published under your own name creates a reputation for you. So while sometimes you truly control the direction of the content, in many cases not so much because the clients usually will dictate what they want to see.

I have had cases where the clients just want me to rewrite what he had already written, no need for fresh ideas, no need to add in descriptive words, instructions are clear – I only need to frame it up nicely.

As such, you may not want to put your name in a piece that doesn’t resonate with you. I clearly don’t want to have my name linked to any articles that I don’t believe in.

No Heavy Responsibilities

Without your name in the article, if there is a public backlash about the article, your name doesn’t get into the mud. Especially if you are writing a sensitive topic for the client. Or for websites that are deem unpopular like gambling sites. You can still earn your keep and keep your name out of the dirt.


Plenty Of Jobs Around

If you belong to any freelancing platform, you’ll notice that there are plenty of ghostwriting jobs available. Even those don’t outright state so are usually for ghostwriting. The only ones that will allow you to claim rights usually will put that in their job description because it is a plus point to be recognized for your work.

Clients Always Pay Ghostwriters

I’ve never met a client that doesn’t pay a ghostwriting project. Perhaps I’m plain lucky or perhaps the fact is that if no money exchanges hands, technically the article doesn’t belong to the client and you can always sell the article to his competitors.

To prevent that from happening, clients will even pay for shoddy work (not that you should?!) as long as you are writing about their products as a ghostwriter.

Cons Of Ghostwriting

You Don’t Get To Keep The Fame

If your article goes viral, making your client famous, you can only congratulate him in silence and keep your mouth shut. No boasting rights because the article no longer belongs to you as long as money changes hands.

You Can’t Put Specific Projects On Your Resume

You can, however, list one of your jobs as a ghostwriter for specific industries but not the names of the companies or individuals who hire you or their websites. So essentially, ghostwriting doesn’t do much for your writing career because you can’t shout through the roof.

You Can’t Fly If You Are Forever A Ghostwriter

Building on the point above, if you are establishing yourself as a paid / commercial writer, you need solid credentials.

If you don’t have any works published under your own name, it is going to be hard to convince your clients to pay you handsomely for your projects. I have met plenty of people doing ghostwriting for years without having their work published in their own names.

It is sad because some of them are really talented and capable but now stuck in the rut of the ruthless cycle of clients paying poorly.


In Summary..

I’m not saying it’s not good being a ghostwriter nor am I encouraging it. I started off as a ghostwriter too until I started to build my own profile. What you need to do if you’re a ghostwriter is to balance it out with other writing jobs that allows you to stake a claim, and on top of that increase your own reputation by creating your own personal brand. If you need to know how I have tips in personal branding here!

Are you a ghostwriter? What other pros or cons have you encountered? Please share with us in the comments below. We’ll love to hear from you.


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42 replies on “The Price Of Ghostwriter

  1. Thanks Kally as I learned this concept from you as new to this world not know much about the same and learning by reading and post like yours.

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  2. I have written many freelance articles and five ghost books (ninety thousand word average). Initially, I send clients to my Kindle page asking them to download a finished sample: and read the book for style and content. It is important to set a realistic price for the work involved. Be aware the client may become too demanding as they ‘remember’ facets which are forgotten in the early research and layout. I have no interest in recognition as writing the book is how I earn my living. One last comment: If you do not like the client; it is wise to turn down the assignment unless the fee covers potential disagreement. I enjoyed this article. Many thanks, Ian.

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  3. Another GREAT POST! {so whats new with that?} BIG GRIN!

    I greatly admire and respect the values you expressed here.

    I’ve written sales manual and such; but nothing along the likes you shared.

    I found this to be VERY interesting; THANKS so much.

    Easter Blessings,

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        1. I started out on 2 platforms, Upwork and Both are excellent platforms to start sourcing for clients. I would suggest that you may want to go to my freelance column and pick out some articles before you start:

          Topics like how to write an attractive profile, how to set your rates, how to stay productive as a freelancer are important to your success.


  4. Thanks for sharing….Don’t believe ghost writing is for me…. primary concern; I write the story and do all the work, give it to the client, the client makes changes, the story goes wrong and the client then blames me for it…. good or bad, it may as well have my name on it, then it will be my thoughts, not someone using my thoughts for a image because the client doesn’t have the capacity to do so…
    That being said, I am a ghost writer and not even trying to hide!… 🙂

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    1. Thank you for sharing your experiences with us. It’s true that once you take on a client, it kinda kills creativity, doesn’t it? The written work no longer is your baby when you hand it over. Sometimes I do wonder where my ghostwritten articles went and if they get published at all.

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      1. Yes, in the worlds eye, the client would be much better off being truthful and publish “my” writing and agreeing with it, rather than giving an impression the writing was the clients… with today’s technology, in time it will catch up with them… 🙂

        Have as great day today and every day!

        “ While the end result may sometimes be less than ideal, I prefer to tell the truth rather than lie, then I do not have to worry about telling another lie tomorrow to protect the lie I told yesterday..” (Larry “Dutch” Woller 2-17-2017)

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          1. I understand… in my age group it is generally referred to as a “senior moment”.. 🙂 its usually not fatal unless one is driving a care near a cliff… 🙂

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          2. Ah.. in my case, it is more like baby brain. Strangely after you had a baby, you have moments where whatever you say or do doesn’t make out as sense at all.

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  5. Thank you and please come back more often. I see you have some interesting blogs. But is ghostwriting more like work for hire? Take care.


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