Getting a Pay Cut? What to Do Next?

The economy has constantly been under siege by unforeseen shifts in the world economy like recessions, pandemics and even armed conflict. As a result, companies have to introduce strict actions to keep themselves afloat, such as pay cuts, layoffs and recruitment freezes.  Pay cuts entail a reduction in one’s monthly salary. The reduction percentage depends…

5 Ways to Build Great Relationships with Your Freelancers

Building great relationships with your employees is easier than building relationships with freelancers. Freelancers see you as clients rather than seeing you as their boss, which is the reason why you cannot seem to make a connection with them. That being said, working with a freelancer requires a lot of trust and very minimal micromanaging….

Is A Reduced Work Schedule Right For You?

When it comes to arranging one’s work schedules, many people would like to get one that offers flexibility in order to get the perfect work-life balance that equals less stress and tension. Some even believe that if one works in a short period of time, they will have better chances of succeeding in life and…

How To Determine Your Rates As A Freelancer

Inspired by one of my readers, Melissa A who asked how to set the price point as a freelancer, which is very important to start off your freelancing career right, I decided to write a post about it.

Office Woes? These Can Help

Running an office as either the owner or a manager is not an easy task. You need to ensure that you are on the backs of everyone, ensuring they are doing their job, whilst also focusing on your own work. It is even harder if your business is new and you are just starting out,…