The economy has constantly been under siege by unforeseen shifts in the world economy like recessions, pandemics and even armed conflict. As a result, companies have to introduce strict actions to keep themselves afloat, such as pay cuts, layoffs and recruitment freezes. 

Pay cuts entail a reduction in one’s monthly salary. The reduction percentage depends on various factors like the job position, business performance and even the global economy. Companies can order pay cuts at any time, and it can last for a significant amount of time or depend on the circumstances that pushed for the act. It can be enforced immediately, and there is a limit on how much the pay cuts will be. 

If you find yourself facing a pay cut, here are some tips on how it could be handled without problems: 

Clear Your Doubts

Before thinking of methods to reduce the pay cut’s impact on your budget, you should first clear any doubt you may have regarding the pay cuts. It would help if you spoke to your employer about why the pay cut is a must, how long it would be enforced and how it will affect your work. Once you get the answers, it will help you understand the situation and make the proper steps for your future. 

Control Your Emotions and Evaluate

It can be very stressful to think about the implications of the pay cut, especially once you first hear about it and still have other financial burdens. Get your emotions in check first and speak to your family, friends and even coworkers about how you can deal with this situation. Once you are calm, you can start looking at the situation thoroughly and what you can do. 

It is important to remember that comfort levels regarding pay cuts do change as time progresses. Always make it a point to review your current situation as it changes. There is no need to decide immediately as the situation is ongoing. 

Seek Something in Return

If you are included in the pay cut, you can negotiate with your employers to give you incentives to agree to the pay cuts. Some of the things you can ask are more vacation slots and flexible work hours. 

Start Budgeting

Whether you opt to continue with the company despite the pay cut or leave for a new job, it is recommended that you start budgeting your current finances and diminished salary. It would be best to calculate how much you will need to save for taxes, expenses and savings.

If this is your first-time budgeting your finances, you can follow the 50-20-30 budget rule or 50% set for necessity, 30% for lifestyle expenses and 20% set for savings and debt. 

Find Extra Income or Government Aid

You can also consider finding other income sources and even government aid. Other income sources can include new side jobs, freelance work, or e-commerce. Meanwhile, you can also look into government aid offered to those experiencing financial difficulties. 

Pay cuts can cripple your finances, especially if you have a lot of financial responsibilities. If you can strategise well using the tips above, you may be able to handle the pay cuts until it is withdrawn comfortably. But, if you think it will not be enough, don’t fear moving onto find another job because in the end, what you believe is best for you is the best option. 

Getting a pay cut is painful. If your industry is not doing well, maybe it is time to build your network and find out if you should cross over to greener pastures.
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23 replies on “Getting a Pay Cut? What to Do Next?

  1. A reduction in wages in this crisis could impede the post-crisis recovery process (in economic terms and in other social indicators). That is why it is important to read your advice before making a determination. Excellent writing Kelly.

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  2. It might be too late for many, but living WITHIN one’s means is crucial to absorbing losses or reductions. Far too many live with “controlled debt” on the assumption that we will always be able to make more money.
    Reduce, Reuse, Recycle is not just good for the environment; it makes sense to be adjustable to limited resources. ❤️&🙏, c.a.

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  3. I’m curious which of your social media outlets described above do you enjoy the most on my blog – Snippets Of A Traveling Mind, I’ve posted a very short survey on this topic. I would invite you to complete it. Thanks

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  4. Hello Kally, you probably don´t remember me I´m the Charly Priest with a different account obviously, had to dissapear for a while from the wordpress community, I saw you liked a comment I made recently in another blog and when I saw the gravatar photo of yours I quickly remembered you. Anyways glad to be back to the wordpress community and glad to be reading all you good people. You said something in the post about controling your emotions……damn, I´m bad at that sometimes it is.


    1. Hey! Of course I remember you! I was happy that I stumbled into your new blog and hoping that if I leave a comment there you will respond. Good to have you back on WordPress!


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