Common Networking Mistakes Job Seekers Often Make

If you are a job seeker, there is a high chance that one of the pieces of advice you will get from your employed friends or mentors is to start networking. Networking can help you understand the industry you are in and meet people you may work with.

It is very easy to network, but you will need to present yourself differently for people to take you seriously as a job seeker.

To help you with your networking, here are 7 common networking mistakes you should avoid:

Not Asking for Assistance or Support

Some job seekers often think they can clinch their dream job without any help. While some succeed independently, it can be a different story if you want to get into a specific company or get known in your chosen industry.

Check which people on your friends’ list are currently working in the industry or company you want to sign up for. With their help, you will find it easier to find the right job and get better odds of getting accepted.

Not Keeping Up with Your Contacts

Job seekers believe that it’s ok to keep adding friends to their networking pages and not keep up with them once the request is accepted. But, if you make an effort to keep up with these contacts, they will be able to update you with the latest in the industry and share opportunities you could consider for your job hunt.

You can easily follow up with your contacts through email or phone once a month or even through social media. Make sure to let them know what is up with your job search and opportunities they may find interesting.

Monopolising One Person’s Time during An Event

When going into a networking event, you should meet with everyone to build your networking circle and get more info. Some do not make an effort to speak to others and favour speaking to one or two people they think is the best person to connect with.

As a result, they often seek this person at every opportunity without even considering they have their schedules.

Try your best to meet more people during these events and always respect their time when you continue deepening your working relationship with them.

Being Passive

Another common networking mistake job seekers tend to make is staying passive during talks with possible connections and not going beyond their initial answers.

Do your best to ask intelligent questions about the topic being discussed to prevent this mistake. You can ask about possible leads on how to get into a specific industry well or who to reach for additional advice.

Paying It Forward

Any person who does networking should never forget to pay it forward and help others who will network in the future. However, some do not remember this obligation because of their past experiences with networking and the fact they may not know how to help.

If someone seeks your help, don’t hesitate to help them out and provide tips to improve their networking.

Networking is a tricky skill to learn and master. But, if you focus on your career goal and pay attention to the proper rules on doing it, you will be able to create a great network that will help you throughout your career.

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