Running an office as either the owner or a manager is not an easy task. You need to ensure that you are on the backs of everyone, ensuring they are doing their job, whilst also focusing on your own work. It is even harder if your business is new and you are just starting out, but it can even be troublesome for seasoned veterans. This article is designed to help you with certain office issues in a simple way. You may have already addressed some of the issues, but look at the others and see if their resolving can somehow make your place of work better and your business stronger as a whole.

Get Help With The Managing Of Staff

This can be done in the medium of HR. You may only need one or two HR employees but they can help monitor your workforce and ensure they are working to their capacity, focusing on timekeeping as well as disciplinary issues. It takes some of the heat off yourself. They can also help with your payroll, ensuring your workforce never get disgruntled due to being underpaid. This is a skilled job, however, so make sure you find the right candidate. Portfolio Payroll can help link you to the right workers. These human resources additions can help your company run as you want it to, and it gives you something less to worry about, meaning you can focus on running the business and diverting your attention to other areas.


Buy New, Comfortable Chairs

There’s nothing worse than having to work on older chairs that lead to back and shoulder problems. They need to have the right lumbar support. If your chairs are bad, your employee productivity will drop and drop fast. Give them comfortable chairs and they will work much better and your business will benefit from it. It sounds almost trivial, but try it yourself and it will work.

Internet Worries

If your internet is going too slow and annoying people then address it at the first opportunity. First, it is causing your employees stress, which means they aren’t happy, but it is also affecting the productivity of your business. People aren’t working as fast as they should and it is through no fault of their own. Get on the phone to the provider and see if you can sort it out. Some are sneaky and withhold bandwidth at certain times. If you can’t sort it simply switch provider and be done with it. Consider getting some WI-FI boosters too. They can push signal to areas that only pick up slow internet meaning they get the same as everyone else and stopping them becoming disgruntled.

No Space?

Growing faster than you anticipated? Consider upgrading. Or, clear out. Get rid of the server tower and use a cloud based server instead, that should free up some space. You can also make use of desk space, ensure they are properly utilised. Think about desk sharing and proper optimisation. You may need to bite the bullet and go to a whole new premises.

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