As much as everyone hates gossips (especially when you are involved in it!!), we secretly thrive in listening to gossips. That explain we have the paparazzi profession to feed our yearn to intrude into others’ private lives. Malicious gossips happen around not only in our personal lives but in our workplaces as well. These gossips will make or break your career!

Who Started It

Any kind of gossip it must have come from someone somewhere. Knowing who it came from may give you a better idea why such a person would spread a malicious rumour about you. You might be attempted to confront the person once you realise who it is. Stay calm and read on before you make any irrational moves.

Find Out Why

Finding out the underlying reasons or the motives behind the malicious gossip might give you a bigger picture why someone is after your blood. Take into serious considerations whether it is partially your fault too. Did you rub your new promotion into someone’s face a little too proudly? Or have you tactlessly hurt someone’s ego with your blunt words?  No matter what it is, it is always good to learn something about yourself from others’ point of view, even if it might be bias or jealousy.


Inform Someone

Talk to someone whether it is your superior or the company’s HR. Grab a peer to let some steam off your chest too. It is never a good thing to rush headlong into a confrontation and instead of getting some answers and perhaps an apology, you might get into a fight, which does nobody any good.


When you feel you are good, calm, rational and ready, go ahead and have a talk with the gossip instigator. Be prepared that the person might be defensive. Don’t try to break down his defences instead just quietly question the agenda behind it. End with a firm, stern but still polite directive that you don’t wish such incident to be happening again. Show that you mean it when you say you will take a much more serious directive action should there be a repeat of such incident.


Follow Up

Do a follow up with the person a week later if you think that you are partially at fault or you know you could have done better in handling the situation. An acquaintance made is always better than an enemy scorned. It also gives you a closure to the matter and allows you to move on without harbouring any ill feelings.

Have you encounter any malicious gossips in your life? Please do share how did you handle the situation so that others can learn from you. Remember, sharing is caring!!

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18 replies on “How Do You Handle Malicious Gossip?

  1. Gossipers rarely admit to gossiping. I use to think that there was no harm in listening if you were not doing the actual gossiping. I have learned over the years that it’s equally damaging. We are strange creatures. Good post! G-uno

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  2. Yes I did, because my initials were the same as a not so friendly person.
    Had to go to the principal at high school several time to explain and prove over and over again, it wasn’t me…pffffffff not a fun time I can tell you.
    Hope you are ok, you busy girl eh woman!
    Big hug, XxX

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  3. Malicious gossip can be a terrible thing to have to deal with, whether at work, high school or in the local neighborhood. The steps you give seem sensible. The “informing someone” part is one that people sometimes forget but I think it’s important. Getting advice, support and official understanding of the situation are all important.


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