6 Ways Older Workers Can Build In Demand Job Skills

The pandemic has shifted the way older workers see work. Many of them have decided to quit because of the shelter-at-home restrictions for adults and those with underlying health conditions. Others quit because they cannot keep up with the shift to remote working. But, some older workers remained in the workforce despite the challenges they needed to face due to the effects of the pandemic.

Older workers are integral in the workplace because of their experience and outlook on work’s importance. However, suppose they plan to continue working now that everything has returned to normal. In that case, they will have to contend with the competition and the stereotypes surrounding their presence in the workplace.

If you plan to return to work as an older worker and want to excel in your position, here are some ways to get the in-demand skills you need.

1. Know The Skills You Need For The Position

Before starting any position, you need to know the skills that the job demands. This will help you plan ahead if you are planning to move to a new career or planning to get a promotion.

2. Upgrade Your Current Skill Set

Once you have identified the skills you will need for your position or the position you plan to apply for, it is best to upgrade it. If the job you are after requires advanced computer skills, take courses to help your knowledge. If the position requires social media know-how, check the social media you need to master.

3. Learn A New Hobby

If you have an interest you want to try out, why not learn it and make it your new hobby? Having a new hobby will keep you on your toes and give you new skills you can use in your current or in the new job you plan to apply for.

4. Develop Your Writing Skills

Good writing skills can help with typing jobs and even lead to a new career in writing.

5. Get Another Degree

You can also take the opportunity to get a master’s degree or doctorate to expand your skills, gain new career opportunities and meet new people.

6. Do Volunteer Work

You can also build the right job skills through volunteer work. No matter where you plan to do your volunteer work, it can help you develop the communication skills needed for meetings and transactions.


Even if you face various challenges in the workplace, don’t be afraid to push forward and check for brighter prospects if you are an older worker. Whether you plan to continue your current career or start a new one, there are still ways to stay competitive and be the best you can be, as shown above. Your age is also just a number; you can still help your colleagues with your skills, experience and knowledge when needed.

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  2. Great information as always, Kally! Best wishes, Michael


  3. Great text, thank you Kally. Excellent as always. But I didn’t like the picture of the 90-year-old man in this context. He will hardly be able to work in a company again. Elisa


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    Good advice. Thank you.


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