As a freelancer or entrepreneur, you may be used to working remotely, while others were thrust into this dynamic given the current situation. However, it can be agreed that the general atmosphere has shifted and the air is fraught with uncertainty in Asia and all over the world. You may find yourself struggling with everything going on, and you are definitely not alone. Being at home full-time with other people could add to the tension you’re experiencing. You may find yourself asking, How am I supposed to get anything done with everything going on?

These tips are meant to serve as sound advice to help you adjust to this new normal. You can keep them in mind even after this pandemic has passed.

Create a rough schedule

Aside from your actual work, you may be dealing with additional responsibilities that aren’t typical of your regular workday. You can create a rough schedule as a guide for getting the most important things done in the day. Arrange your tasks in order of importance so that you know what to prioritize. The Startup suggests a split shift schedule which divides your work in the morning and afternoon so that you can do other stuff, like playing with your kids or doing something for yourself. Squeezing in time for a self-care activity should be likewise important. You need to take care of yourself too, in order to work, function, and stay healthy. Give yourself time to adjust to your new routine, and make adjustments where you see fit. Whatever you do – do not force yourself to work all day and night.

Make a sacred space

The key to working remotely is finding or creating the right environment. For those who want to work outside of their home, coworking spaces have become all the rage for freelancers. These thoughtfully curated spaces were created for optimal productivity, providing their members with all the amenities, tools, and hospitality that they need to work. These have become popular across the globe for every type of worker, with Industrious outlining how their coworking spaces across the US cater to “business owners, coffee shop frequenters, and entrepreneurs.” These spaces provide office provisions that would be found in any regular office environment, such as private and communal spaces and fast internet, as well as perks such as networking events. Asia has seen also seen a sharp rise in coworking spaces, with many companies, such as The Great Room in Singapore, putting an emphasis on luxury and comfort.

While visiting a coworking space is currently out of the question, you can recreate the same environment at home. Designing your home office or a little space to work where you can get your creative juices flowing is one of the best things you can do for yourself right now. You will have freedom styling it according to your own needs – let as much light and air in as you want, use your most ergonomic furniture, make coffee how you like it. Do what you need to do to make your makeshift office uniquely yours.

Establish strong virtual connections

One of the tips in ‘5 Ways to Build Great Relationships with Your Freelancers’ was open communication. While you have had the opportunity to meet face-to-face in the past for clearer communication and instruction, this is unforeseeable for the time being. This is why now is the time to establish even stronger virtual connections with the people that you work with. There are a number of communications tools and apps to achieve this. You may be able to understand each other better when you communicate through voice or video – and it doesn’t have to be all about business. We’re affected by the current situation in our own ways and reaching out, engaging with, and checking on your colleagues is a great way of giving each other emotional support at a time when it’s needed most.

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43 replies on “How to Make the Most of Your Day When Working Remotely

  1. My dear friend Kally,

    I’m amazed (but not even a bit surprised) at the prudent-timeliness of this POST and this IMPORTANT topic.

    I think it has some important relevance even to the rest of us (who may wish to remain sane is these times of trial and Faith.

    What you suggest ought to qualify us referring to you as Dr. Kally!

    Thanks and God Bless my friend, well done!

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  2. Such a timely post for the times, Kally. So agree that when working remotely try to have a schedule to make things almost similar like you were when working in the office. That way you can focus on your work and have a clearer idea of what you need to do. Designing your own office space at home also is a good idea. I also think it’s important to set boundaries when working remotely, especially if you are sharing your space with family. Sometimes you might need them to be quiet if you are doing a conference meeting or really need to focus.

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