Great Examples of Workplace Wellness Programs

Nowadays, it can be challenging for employees to keep fitness or health habit because of various factors. Many do not have the time or money to engage in health or fitness activities, while others are not that interested at all.

However, having a healthy mind and body is key to productivity and achieving work-life balance. As an employer, it is crucial that you have workplace wellness programs in place to help employees achieve their fitness targets and keep them happy and satisfied with the company.

If you currently don’t have workplace wellness programs for your company, here are some great examples you can consider:

On-site fitness centres

Regarding workplace wellness programs, you definitely won’t go wrong with having on-site fitness centres open for all your employees. These fitness centres can have the standard gym equipment in major gyms and additional areas like an Olympic-sized swimming pool and a rock climbing wall. You can also hire personal trainers to help your employees keep up with their workout routines and provide advice if needed.

If you want to give your employees more incentives to get them to try the facility, you can offer cash or work incentives. You can double the incentives if they can achieve key milestones.

Transit options

Offering alternative transit options can also work wonders for your employees’ well-being. Some examples of alternative transit options you can suggest are bike-sharing, ride-sharing and public transport incentives. Not only would this help your employees save on transportation costs, it will also be good for the environment. This will then align with your company’s environmental values and targets.

Paramedical services

Work can become physically taxing, especially if the company needs to reach a specific target or sign a deal. It will leave employees exhausted; some may even get a stiff neck, cramped wrist and other similar physical problems.

To deal with this, you can have paramedical services on standby for your employees. Paramedical services can include massage therapy, acupuncture and nutritionist. These services can help your employees recover from demanding tasks and feel more relaxed afterwards.


Aside from physical stresses, work can get very stressful mentally and emotionally. A great way to relieve stress you can focus on as part of your workplace wellness program is by offering yoga classes. In yoga, they will be able to cleanse their mind and body after a stressful work week. They would also be able to clear up their emotions, especially if they feel guilty about certain things they did during the work week or are angry at a fellow employee.

Healthy food options

To complement exercise, you must also include in your wellness program healthy food options which your employees can partake in during their breaks. If you have a cafeteria, revise the menu to have healthier options at any time. You can also open up a unique pantry for your employees to get healthy snacks in between tasks for a quick power-up. If you do not have a cafeteria, you can contract companies or businesses offering healthy food options to your office.

You can also promote healthy eating by having a great place to eat in your office, and this will encourage employee interaction and build new relationships.

Nap stations

This one will be my favourite!

Sometimes, a power nap does the trick to recharge the body and help it become more productive. However, most office spaces do not have nap stations that their employees can use for a short nap, and there is a lousy perception regarding taking a nap in the middle of the work day.

Having a nap station lets your employees know that you care about their health and you are alright if they take a short nap to recharge before continuing their work. You will notice a stark difference in their work quality if you allow them to recharge a bit.

Wellness adventures

You can introduce wellness adventures that will challenge your employees to try achieving wellness milestones and push them into trying a healthier lifestyle. Some examples of wellness adventures include sports events, hiking trips and much more. Make sure that these trips will cater to everyone in the office and will not hamper any existing project you may have.

Employee health and well-being should always be at the forefront of every company’s strategy to ensure that their operations continue to run smoothly and improve the workplace. Show your support and lead the campaign for whichever workplace wellness program you select for your company. When your employees see that you are advocating for these programs, they are more likely to show their support.

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2 Comments Add yours

  1. Keith says:

    Kally, this topic is near and dear to my heart. A couple of more programs I have seen work wonders for employees include:
    -mobile mammogram programs for employees and spouses (a company I worked at conducted over 13,000 screenings in three years and found eleven preventable breast cancers)
    -onsite health screenings along with know your numbers campaigns
    -combined depression and obesity management programs

    A firm I worked with and a team who would set up health management programs for companies. One of the doctors on the team noted these programs need to measure not just usage but outcomes and results. A program needs to prove its medal by achieving a ROI.

    Good post. Keith


  2. C.A. Post says:

    Oh, yeah, I can really get into the idea of a workplace having “nap stations.” 😄
    ❤️&🙏, c.a.


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