How To Make Your Office Space More Neurodiverse

In recent years, several studies on workplace design have shown that not all workplaces are effective for all people. Companies slowly recognise this problem in their spaces. They are now diversifying their spaces to meet what their employees need, especially those with disabilities like neurodivergence like dyslexia, autism and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.

If you have workers who are neurodivergent, they will require a workplace that will allow them to interpret information and share them easily. But where do you start? Check out our tips below:

Use Spatial Design Cues

You can start by using spatial design cues that will reassure your workers that everything is orderly and have guides that will help them get around the office better. You can use pieces like paintings or unique furniture to serve as a landmark, and you can also use other types of landmarks such as staircases and even paintwork.

Have Specific Workspaces Allotted for Neurodiverse Workers

Specific workspaces meant for people with neurodiversity can also help make your office space more neurodiverse, but it has to be designed accordingly. As mentioned above, these spaces should be designed with key design cues so your workers can find them quickly and feel inspired.

These workspaces can also be assigned to groups who have worked with each other before, so you won’t stress your neurodiverse employees, especially those who don’t like to work with workspace neighbours they do not know well.

Have a Quiet Space

Some neurodiverse employees may also find it hard to work in noisy and chaotic environments. A great way to help them out is by having a quiet space where they can focus on their work. However, these rooms should be consulted with all employees because not all may be able to focus in these spaces for fear of being misunderstood by their peers.

Offer Flexible Working Hours

You can also offer flexible working hours to your employees, allowing employees to pick the best work hour that works for them. This will be well-received by neurodiverse workers who may prefer working in odd hours, like in the evening or the morning.

Provide Alternate Options for Communications and File Submissions

For some neurodiverse employees, it can be hard to speak to people directly. So, the best way to make them feel comfortable is by offering alternative options for them to reach out to you. Some examples can include emails, video calls and community boards. The same can be said for file submissions; you can ask them to send you a copy through email and be open to receiving video or audio recordings for reports.

Change is crucial for a workplace to flourish and help everyone in the workplace feel more comfortable, especially those who need extra support. These tips can put you in the right direction and greatly help your employees’ performance. But, before you try out any one of these tips, make sure to ask your team for their suggestions so they can identify other ways on how you can neurodiversify your workspace.

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  1. jminx94 says:

    I know some people that would love to read and have this handy in the future. Very well written.

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    1. Kally says:

      Thank you so much!

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  2. The same can be said for classrooms, bedrooms and even playgrounds.

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  3. newwhitebear says:

    Excellent suggestions for spaces occupied by neurodivergents who need rooms suitable for their psycho-physical conditions


  4. Good idea to have different types of workspaces. I used to work at an open concept office and it was very distracting to work while hearing 20 + different people talking at once even though we had meeting rooms.


  5. Great information. Thanks for sharing. Have a great week.

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