How Do You Source Candidates through Conversations

In recent years, conversational recruiting is now on the rise in the hiring industry even though the recruiting style has been around for years. This recruiting style enables recruiters to get to know applicants better and use the opportunity to determine if they are suitable applicants for the job.

If this is the first time you are doing conversational recruiting for your firm, how can you source the right candidates with just conversations alone? Here are some tips to help you get started:

Start Small

Whether this is your first time using conversational recruiting or not, it is best always to start small to see how well it will work for you. Start by reducing the number of people you are trying to reach out to so you can manage the campaign easily.

Know The Options You Can Use

If you want your conversational recruiting to succeed, you need to be diverse with the channels you will use. Check emails, social media platforms and even new technologies like chatbots to help you expand your network and recruiting platforms.

Organise Webinars Or Other Virtual Events

Webinars and other virtual events can be good places to source new candidates. You can speak about a topic and see which participants will get back to you and discuss the matter further. You should ensure during these events that you are open to discussing with them after the talk or offer them ways to reach out to you.

Personalise Chatbot Messaging

As much as I don’t really like talking to bots, nowadays many companies also use chatbots to help them with conversational recruiting. This will help them guide the conversation and speed up the recruitment process. Even if you find the candidates you need for a job opening, you can easily use the chatbot to engage with other applicants so you can reach out to them if there are other openings in the future.

Use Social Media

Social media can also be a great place to do conversational recruiting. You don’t have to start the conversation by posting only job openings. You can begin by talking about news regarding your company and the industry. This will open up opportunities for you to reach out to passive candidates who may be looking for job opportunities.

Optimise Your Results

Planning how you will do conversational recruiting is only one strategy part. You will also need to analyze the effectiveness of the channels you used to bring talents to the company. See how many talents you found and recruited in every medium and see how your strategy can still be improved.

With how the business industry is now going online, it is essential that you can pick the best recruits for your company to keep up with the changes. Utilising conversational recruiting can help you attract the best talents and ensure they stay loyal to the company for a long time. Try using these tips above to develop your strategy and see how it will fare.

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