Starting a new small business is incredibly hard work. And while you might want to try to do everything yourself, at a certain point, this isn’t really going to be an option for you anymore. So when you’re in need of some assistance, especially when it comes to something specialized like marketing, you’re going to want to ensure that you are bringing the right person or people on board with you.

To ensure that you’re able to do this, here are three tips for hiring the right marketing help for your new small business. 

Get Someone Who Specializes In What You Need

At the very start of your business, you were likely doing some of your marketing yourself. Because of this, you probably now have at least some experience with marketing that you can pull from even while bringing on some help with your marketing. As a result, you should try to get someone to assist you that has a speciality in the type of marketing that you need or in marketing tactics that are complementary to what you can do yourself.

According to Adam Uzialko, a contributor to Business News Daily, you might want to get someone that has experience with direct marketing, digital marketing, market research, or print marketing if those are things that you aren’t quite as experienced at. Or, if you’re needing help in a wide variety of areas, hiring an agency or a consultant might prove to be a better idea for you. 

Do Your Research On Your Candidates

Once you know exactly the kind of marketing help that you’re wanting, you can then start looking for someone to fill that role.

As you begin gathering resumes for the position, Evyatar Sagie, a contributor to, recommends that you do some research about each candidate that you’re considering for interviews. Part of this could include searching their name online to see if what they’ve included on their resume or CV is actually accurate. Additionally, you could also look at their social media channels or their own website to see if you can glean anything helpful from those pieces of content, too. 

Consider Holding Group Interviews

If you’re only planning on hiring one person to join your team as a marketer, then you only really need to worry about that person working well with you. But if you’re thinking about hiring multiple marketing professionals, suggests considering holding a group interview instead of an individual interview. In a group setting, you’ll be able to easily see how people might work together and if their personalities appear to mesh well with one another. 

If you’re wanting to ensure that you hire the right person or team to help you in marketing your new small business, consider using the tips mentioned above to improve your chance of getting the right people on board.

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