No matter what industry you are in, email marketing remains to be the most popular method for companies and businesses to reach their target audience. It is cheap to use, can promote a large amount of content, and improve how customers see your brand.

While this is a big plus, not all emails sent out to prospects and current clients are engaged, and some may even consider your emails spam, effectively ignoring it. If you want to avoid this, you need to adopt various strategies to increase your email engagement.

If you don’t know where to start, here are some tips you can try out: 

1. Schedule A Welcome Email

When sending emails to clients, you must first send a welcome email which will give your clients a quick rundown on what they can expect and a welcome gift, like a promo code they can use in their next purchase.

2. Have A Quality List Before Sorting Your Emails

Aside from having a welcome email, you need to have a quality list of subscribers you will send these emails to. They must be people who have subscribed to the company’s newsletter and agreed to receive updates regularly.

3. Create Eye-Catching Subject Lines

Most email recipients tend to ignore emails if the subject line is too boring or too long. Ideally, your subject line should catch their curiosity, make them laugh and cause them to fear missing out on the offer.

4. Do Not Skip The Preheader Text

Preview texts can also matter when it comes to email engagements. Usually, the text appears after the subject line once a person checks their inbox. When writing your email, ensure that this snippet is filled with information, even if it is only a few words.

5. Be Casual And Fun

As you write your email to your clients, ensure you stay casual and fun to entice them to check your content. If it’s confusing and complex, they will immediately dismiss your email. When you write your email, ensure you give them a brief overview, and the wording shouldn’t be too hard to read and understand. You can also add fun statements to make them smile and always stay positive. 

6. Include Your Social Media Channels In The Email

Your emails should also have social sharing options so that your recipients can share your content with their family and friends. Some may also prefer keeping in touch with your brand through social media rather than email, so getting a link to your social media pages would be a plus.

7. Have A Mobile-Friendly Email

Most recipients may check their emails through their phones, which is why your emails to them should be easy to browse on their phones. Some email formats don’t respond well with mobile resolutions, making some elements distorted or unloaded. It must also load quickly so your recipients can immediately see your message.

8. Clean Your Subscriber List

Sometimes, we tend to skip tracking the recipients of the emails we send out and identify those who still follow the newsletter. It is best to set some time to check which subscribers are no longer actively pursuing your content to open more time for you to follow up with active subscribers and send them the email they need.

9. Always Test The Emails Before Sending

As mentioned above, some email details, like the subject, preheader text, and images, may not appear correctly depending on the medium used to browse them. Before sending, try sending a sample email to a second email account. You may have to see if it is loading correctly, the content is complete, and it is browsable in mobile resolutions.

10. Ask For Feedback

It is best to have a section in your email that allows recipients to comment on the presentation and other vital details they would like you to improve. This will help you make your emails more effective for future marketing emails.

When done correctly, email marketing can open new opportunities for you to reach out to your target audience and boost brand loyalty from your existing clients. With these steps above, you will see a difference in your emails’ responses and how people see your brand.

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16 replies on “10 Ways to Increase Your Email Engagement

  1. My bulk emails almost ALWAYS include a smaller font, slightly gray-colored caveat:
    To remove your name from this mailing list, just reply to this email with “Remove” in the subject line.
    Keeps my list from including folks who might get offended or for whatever reason do not want to receive my email. Have even received Thank You notes when some were removed. Because they had replied with a different email, I had to correspond to get the correct email from the list to remove.
    Have found #9 to be especially important!! I send my email to ME first and have been amazed at some of my very dumb errors within them, and so thankful THAT did not go out! 😎
    ❤️& 🙏, c.a.

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