10 Best Practices for Proper Cubicle Etiquette

When you talk about offices, you will think about cubicles or small office spaces where each employee can work during their shifts. Some cubicles are open, allowing people to talk to their colleagues easily, and others are private, offering people a space to entirely focus on their work.

Considering that these cubicles are meant for work, it is vital that you practice proper cubicle etiquette, especially if the arrangements are open for people to just barge in or interrupt because of their work. To get you started, here are 10 best practices that you should do in your office space:

1. Knock Before Talking

Before speaking to someone from another cubicle, knock on their table or door. This will allow the person to pay attention to you and give them time to decline if you catch them at the wrong time.

2. Pick The Right Food

Sometimes, it can be tempting to eat in your cubicle so you can work while eating. However, certain foods make a distinct odour, which can offend your coworkers or cause their allergies to flare up. If you want to eat, do it in the pantry or canteen area of your building.

3. Don’t Use Speaker Phones

Whether you have an open cubicle setup or a closed one, you should avoid using speaker phones because the noise will annoy your coworkers. Use a headset if you don’t want to hold your phone while on a call.

4. Regulate Your Speaking Voice

Sound is easily carried to a space in a cubicle setup, which can disturb the people around you. If you have a loud voice, regulate your volume so that you won’t create an echo that your coworkers can hear when you talk.

5. Medicate If You Have Indigestion

As mentioned above, certain scents can cause an unpleasant reaction from people within the vicinity. Gas caused by indigestion is one of these reactions. If you feel indigestion, take the proper medications or go to the bathroom immediately.

6. Put Your Phone Or Computer On Silent Mode

If you are in an open cubicle setup, it is best that you don’t make as much noise as possible to prevent disturbing your coworkers. With this in mind, you should have your phone and computer silent. If you are expecting a call, put it on vibrate so you can still be alerted when it happens.

7. Don’t Transform Your Cubicle Into A Personal Room

Cubicles are given to each employee so they can focus on their work and not be used for anything else, such as grooming and other personal activities. If you want to personalize your cubicle, make sure it is designed to help you with your productivity and not be a duplicate of your bedroom.

8. Don’t Hover Around Others

Hovering around someone’s cubicle can be very disturbing for people, especially if it is done constantly. If you want to take a short break, go to the office’s rest area or in the pantry.

9. No Shouting

If you have an open cubicle setup, you should never shout whenever you need to reach out to someone from another cubicle. Not only is it disturbing to surrounding people, but it is also impolite. If you need to speak to someone, go to their cubicle or send them an email.

10. Don’t Invade

Cubicles are made so people can focus on their work in peace and not be disturbed by others. With this said, you should not invade their cubicle space unless you need to speak to them about work. As mentioned above, you can knock before you talk to them or reach out to them by other means.

If you want to have a productive and healthy work environment, you need to follow the right etiquette to make it possible. Try the ten practices we listed above and see for yourself how they can change the way your work life will improve, even in a cubicle setup.

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  1. seanysean50 says:

    I’m not even gone read no more thank you .handle it then Ms.Kally

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  2. C.A. Post says:

    Love this wise advice about cubicle life!
    When working for the Cancer Information Service here in Kentucky, we all got along very well, because everyone observed these rules, even though unstated. We would sometimes “prairie dog” each other during quiet times, but we were always courteous and would not shout across the cubicle tops and were careful not to interrupt colleagues’ work.
    “Prairie dogging” refers to popping up like a prairie dog above the limits of the cubicle. 🤠
    ❤️&🙏, c.a.

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  3. newwhitebear says:

    Your suggestions are always great. Ten steps to making your office suitable for work and business meetings

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  4. Gregoryno6 says:

    I’ve worked with people who would freak out if number 7 was enforced. One had literally plastered the walls of his cubicle with pictures, quotes, pretty much anything.
    And this setup had been transferred from his cubicle in a different section. All dismantled and reassembled.
    He created his own little world in the workplace and he was damn well keeping it!

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  5. Daily Poetry says:

    A very informative post. If everybody keeps to these polite rules you have a productive and peaceful work environment.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Excellent advice. 🙂

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