Are you having trouble building a following for your blog? Do people think that your blog doesn’t present good content or say it is poorly written?

There can be many reasons why you are not getting the hits you are looking for. There may be other blogs out there posting the same content, clashing with your content and putting you behind the search results. Your content may be too generic, which is why people find it unappealing.

Whichever the reason is for your blog’s inability to gain traffic and revenue, you can apply rules to change the quality of your blog content.

Here are 7 rules we recommend you try out for your blog and content marketing strategy to succeed:

Rule 1: Write Only The Things You Know

When blogging, it is important that you write something you genuinely know rather than start on something new. Even if other bloggers post the same content, you may be able to give a different angle to the topic and apply your experiences. This will make your content more personal and show people that your content isn’t copied from somewhere else.

Rule 2: Do Not Underestimate Your Audience

Outside our blog, we can be very picky with what content we take on and share. We can easily tell if a site is fake or not. When writing content, consider how the readers will respond to the article and frame your content accordingly to promote it better.

Rule 3: Don’t Focus Only On The Content

Your blog will need assistance to get traffic and engagements, so you shouldn’t only focus on your blog’s content. You must also focus on the social media presence of your blog to improve customer engagements and expand your reach, as some may not have seen your blog before.

Rule 4: Quality Wins Over Quantity

The adage “quality over quantity” is valid for successful blogs and content marketing. Some believe that flooding one’s social media and blog is the right way to build hype and a call to action. But, flooding content can be dangerous because it may affect the quality of the content. Don’t be afraid to write long but interesting content and let it sit for a few days before you follow it up with another content.

Rule 5: Don’t Hesitate To Input Your Opinion

Like writing an essay, your blog content should not shy away from presenting an argument that can create engagements between you and your readers. Avoid words like “may”, “potentially”,, etc. and make sure that you show that you are confident with your position about the topic. If they comment, that is a big plus! Readers will appreciate that not all the tips you share will apply to all occasions, but write it possible.

Rule 6: Don’t Worry About The Experts

Many guides out there say how an award-winning blog entry should look like and what it should contain. If you tried to follow all their advice, you might get confused about which one to follow. It is important to remember that each blog is unique, and not all these tips may work for you. If you want to try out some tips, check which ones work for you and upgrade them to suit your blog.

Rule 7: Be Real!

You will need to be true to your audience if you want to succeed in the industry. Audiences wish to be bloggers who are true to their brand and stick to their word, not bloggers who are inconsistent with their messaging.

If you want to succeed in blogging and content marketing, you will need to try out various strategies to see what works for your needs. With these rules, you can review your blog and apply the necessary changes required to help it stand out. It will take some time before you see results, but it will be worth it once your content catches people’s imagination and attention.

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23 replies on “7 Rules for Blogging and Content Marketing Success

  1. The third one is true esp learning about how to use the site to your advantage promoting and advertising. Another one too is time. Since using this site to blog since 2019, my audience has grown naturally, and it’s ok to do more to profit from it.

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Great advice, Kally.

    Ironically enough, I just started #3 (social media) this week, launching a presence on Pinterest and Instagram.

    For a few years, the site was on WordPress only, and the readership hasn’t grown much as a result.

    You are the first person who advised going on social media. Thanks for the ideas!


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