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A Writer is the one who gives life to the words.

Obviously, Writing isn’t the easiest job. Not everytime creativity flows into our mind. Sometimes you can’t even write down what is on your mind. It’s quite normal and nothing to worry about that.

Last month, I was exactly on the same situation. I barely published my posts. I can’t even sit and write. I felt very low about this. But Worrying about that will not help you further.

Instead of worrying, I started to overcome from this situation. You spend lot of hours to craft those beautiful masterpiece. You make your readers happy and entertain them. At the same time, It’s vital to take care of yourself.

Let’s take a look on those 5 Self care tips for writer.

1) Prepare Schedule

As a writer, being productive is very essential. Preparing flexible schedule and following it aids you to save your time.

When it comes to scheduling your day, be realistic. Take frequent breaks in between the tasks to avoid burnouts. Start scheduling with the most important tasks.

At the Same time, you don’t need to schedule your daily activities like brushing, bathing etc.,

Sometimes you feel hard to concentrate on something for than 40 minutes. It’s good when you can concentrate more.

I used to schedule every activities more than 1 hour. But later I realised that It wasn’t effective and I couldn’t follow my schedule. So I started scheduling my tasks within 40 minutes and I improved a lot than before. So, give it a try.

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2) Stop caring what others think

Have you ever asked yourself like “What will people think about me when I do this”?

I bet most of us had listened to this inner voice atleast once in our life.

People always gonna judge you. Even If you do the most difficult task in the world, there are always some people to find your flaws. Let them bark, don’t care about anything.

When you start to care what others think, you automatically lose your individuality. It ends up with creating your fake self.

Just explore more and do whatever you love. Never stop doing something just because what others think about you.

3) Be with supportive people

It sounds amazing when someone supports you for your hardwork. When you surround yourself with these supportive people, you feel more positive. It encourages you to do more.

From the beginning of this blog, there are some friends who always read my every post and leaves beautiful comments. I’m grateful for you all. It made me more confident.

So make sure to be with friends who always supports you.

4) Exercise

It may look like we are sitting comfortable and doing our job peacefully. But only people who are writing knows the pain.

Not only mental health, physical health is more important too. Take frequent breaks and do some physical tasks.

Workout atleast 30 minutes a day. Do simple exercises that focus on your eyes, hands and Back. Take 2 minutes break once in 20 minutes. If possible, take a long walk and spend time outdoors. Play with your pets etc.,

5) Keep journaling & Reward yourself

Try to keep a journal. Take this with you everywhere. Write down everything that made you proud and happy.

After I started journaling, I found myself positive than before. Whenever you feel low, just take a look on this. You’ll feel glad and motivated. All your positivity come back to you.

There should be a gift for every great thing you do. Right? Don’t forget to reward yourself. Always appreciate yourself for being wonderful.

If you can’t keep yourself happy, then who can?

It’s time to practise these self care tips and make yourself glow. Thanks for reading. What are the self care you follow? Love to hear your thoughts. If you love this post, share this with your friends.


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55 replies on “Guest Post: 5 Self Care tips for Writers

  1. Luckily for ya it gives pleasure and more importantly ya get paid! The $ is an incentive of course but having read some of ya prose the inspiration from ya work is way more important to ya than anything else! I write ✍️ and draw but have yet learned the How to as per earning a living from ya passion Woohoo 🙌 be well just opining 👍🏾🤐✍️😀🙏👍🏾🐕♒️😎

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  2. These are very useful tips for writers, especially having a schedule, taking breaks and getting exercise and not caring too much what people think.

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  3. Helpful and practical. I think all are essential, and I loved this phrase, “A Writer is the one who gives life to the words”. Taking care of oneself so you can give life to words is a good piece of advice.

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  4. Some People
    Have Writer’s
    Block oh
    i Have
    Pandemic Writing
    Flu “It WaS A Dark And
    Stormy Night”

    Yet The


    Out And
    HeaR i Am

    Happy Women’s

    International Day

    From Taiwan

    Dear Kally

    If i Am


    Point Of Origin
    Correctly With SMiles😊

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  5. Thanks for your like of my post, ” Road To Tribulation 14 – Terms Of Significance ;” and for your likes of many of my other articles; you are very kind. I wish you well in your writing, and all of the other things that are in your life. Thanks for being such a good internet friend.

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