Is Your Boss Difficult to Please

In the course of one’s career, they will find that they may end up with bosses with varying personalities and work ethics. Some of these bosses will be easy to work with, while others are so hard to please.

If you find yourself in a situation where you don’t seem to do good in the eyes of your boss, it can affect your morale and productivity. You are not alone in experiencing this challenge, and it can be a hurdle to please a demanding boss, especially if they aren’t aware of it.

Here are some tips to help you deal with a demanding boss without risking your working relationship with them:

Acknowledge The Facts

Before you work on ways to deal with your difficult boss, it is crucial first to acknowledge that your boss may not know they are a bad one. Every employee has a different definition of what a bad boss is. It is often determined by what the employees are looking for, the boss’s work ethic, and the workplace situation.

Values wise, your boss may disagree with the current work ethics of the younger generation, which their employees see as inadequate.

Some bosses may not realize that their work ethic is not blending well with their employees, who are looking for bosses who can provide them with good feedback and advice. Others may even think they are doing ok because they don’t want to seem too unfriendly or bossy.

Try to speak with your boss and let them know the situation and how it affects your work performance. If they agree to change their behaviour and listen to you and your colleagues, remind them if they waver. Please don’t start an argument with them and speak to them privately.

Adapt To Your Boss’s Working Style And Values

Since your boss may be only “bad” because you don’t know their work style, learn by watching them work and adapt accordingly. Always remember that there is no permanent workplace. Every workplace will require you to adapt as it changes, even if things stay the same.

Put yourself in their shoes to see what drives them, and you may be able to see the reasoning behind their actions.

Know Your Boundaries

In the workplace, you mustn’t focus only on one thing. If your boss doesn’t listen to you or does something wrong, don’t focus on it!

Remember, you still have work to do, and if you keep focusing on your boss, you will stress yourself.

Set a boundary on how much you are going to take note of and focus on positive thoughts. The more you follow your boundaries, the less annoyed you will be with your boss.

Open Communication With Them

If you want to please your difficult boss and understand them, you should not hesitate to reach out to them to discuss issues with them and seek their support. Don’t just tell your boss that you find them inadequate. Be polite and focus on the work ahead while showing that you are ready to meet their goals. If all goes well, your boss will take note of your efforts and improve your relationship with them.

These steps above are just some of the ways you can improve your working relationship with your boss. However, if there are no changes, you may reach out to your Human Resource department to get tips or advice for the issue. They may be able to help out and be a mediator if needed.

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4 Comments Add yours

  1. Mihail Toma says:

    Yes! All are good and beautiful when we talk about a private company, where competence is the primary criterion, and “The boss! he has risen in value by his own strength, as you try to do, and he deserves the position he holds. In this situation it is about the usual struggle of skills, and will win not only the one who has the most professional knowledge, but the one who is more skilled in interpersonal relationships.
    But what do you do when you work in a government institution, and the boss has been appointed bureaucratic, or worse, political? What do you do when he is a functional idiot with pathological reminiscences? What do you do with this man who considers his subordinates slaves and does not allow any deviation from the ideologically or politically drawn line?

    Hint (precious): don’t punch his lip in front of everyone, fack it in private, I thought it was great !!!)


  2. Awesome advice, but what do you do when you tell them that you are uncomfortable with something and they do nothing to change the matter to make it better so a person will want to stay and work for them?


  3. msw blog says:

    Knowing your boundaries is key. Thanks for sharing.


  4. I was never difficult to please as a boss, Kally 🤣, but I had some shockers as bosses in my younger days!


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