Congratulations! You finally got a job interview scheduled which puts you closer to the job of your dreams. However, what should you do if you have some questions about the job? Can you ask during your interview?

It is actually ok to ask during your interview since it helps you get to know the company or business you are joining to. It also helps your potential employer know a bit about you and how you will get along with the company.

However, you can’t just ask random questions after they interviewed you for the position. These smart questions can help you become the “perfect candidate” for the job in the eyes of your future boss.

To give you some ideas on what to ask, here are some of the questions you should definitely ask an interviewer:

“What will be expected from me if I were to be hired for this job?”

Even if you already read the details of the job you are applying for through the job ad they released, there are details which are not elaborated.

By asking this question, you will be able to know what work you will do on your first day and what expectations you have to work with. It may also give you a sign if the work is for you or not.

“Can you tell me how a day is like here?”

Knowing what your schedule will be like can also give you an idea on what is the culture of the company. Will it be non-stop meetings all day, all week? Or is it a more relaxed environment? Will you be expected to meet people outside of your workplace?

This question can even reveal if the hiring manager knows the role at all!

“Will I go through any training if I get hired before starting my job?”

If you have doubts with your skills for the job, you can ask if you will get additional training to learn how things are done in the company.

Most companies do offer training to help employees to be up-to-speed with the latest in the company. If they won’t offer it, you will need to know that before you begin so you can find ways to make up for it.

Through this question, you will also learned if the company values its employees by helping and encouraging them to improve themselves with training.

“What performance targets does this position have? Will these change the longer I am in the position?”

Understanding your job description isn’t enough when you are looking for a job, you also need to know how you will be able to move up in your career. Asking this question also gives you and your potential employer a chance to set the standards on your performance.

“Does the company have a regular performance review? How does it work? When is it done?”

If you plan to move up the ladder, this question is crucial because some reviews can make or break your position. This question will help you plan how you will handle your position and plan accordingly.

Beware of a company that doesn’t do regular performance reviews. This means you’ll never be fairly judge by your performance at work.

“What is the company’s goals within the next X years?”

Even if you are being offered a job, it is not a guarantee that the company you will be joining is stable.

Knowing the company’s goals will let you know how stable you will be in your position and how will the position help you with your career goals.

“Can you give me an idea about the team I’ll be in and who will lead the team?”

If you will be working with a team, you definitely need to know if they are people you can work with. If they sound like they are not really good, you can make the choice as early as now to back out or ask for a compromise.

“Can you tell me what makes you fall in love with working for this company?”

This information is good to know because this will tell you how great the work environment will be like. It will also give you an idea if they offer other benefits for workers aside from the great pay.

“What’s next after the interview?”

This question does not just let you know how they process prospect employees, it also gives you some reassurance about what will happen next. Sometimes, companies do not even call back to tell applicants that they did not make the cut. Asking this question can help you plan accordingly if you need to find another job.

“Is there anything else you like to ask me?”

This question is a plus for interviewer. It is possible that they weren’t able to cover everything they want to know when they were asking you questions. It is a big plus point if you help them out further while evaluating your potential.


During job interviews, it is not just the employer who does the questions, the applicant must also ask themselves. If you will be appearing for a job interview, make sure to note these questions. And, don’t forget to be true to yourself as you are interviewed.

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30 replies on “10 Questions You Should Absolutely Ask an Interviewer

  1. Wow! Another WINNER Kally.
    Prudent, timely and easy to apply.

    They display communication skills, and a sincere interest in the company and in the position

    As one who did a lot of hiring; I would have LOVED such questions. They also demonstrate possible management skills (even if the position is NOT a “management position.” ). Employers are always on the lookout for people who MIGHT be promotable. (As the Norm they work harder AND have the companies BEST interest at heart.)

    Thanks again, another useful and particle guide..

    God Bless

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Hi Kally, Another great and informative post! As a heads-up I will be posting this on my blog, but may tweak the title a tad just to stay within the theme of the month within my blog for Jan. 2020. Of course I will give provide my source and link to your blog as always. Thank you!

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Great questions, Kally! By the way, I’m “stealing” some of these the next time I interview (maybe next month, perhaps in a decade or so – who knows?”.

    One question I always ask, which is a variation on your “What makes you fall in love…” inquiry, is, “If you could change one thing about this office, what would it be?”

    Why should I have to come up with all the creative answers? Let the interviewer exercise his/her brain too! After all, if I’m going to commit to this company, perhaps even relocate for it, shouldn’t I be impressed as well?

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Please go ahead! And be creative with your questions. I bet you can impress your interviewer if you ask thought-provoking questions and at the same time, find out if you really want to work there at all.

      Liked by 2 people

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